“Do I Need a Makeup Artist On Set?”

Do I need a Makeup Artist On Set?

“Do I need makeup or can I make it through the day without it?” For some people makeup is apart of Boston video Marketingthe morning ritual and for others it is a hassle and waste of money. However, some Boston companies may be tackling with the idea of having a makeup artist and costume designer on set for their corporate video production shoot. You may be asking yourself right now “Is it worth spending some more money and getting professional designers?”  Through our 10 years of experience with countless corporate video production shoots in Boston we can give you the cheat sheet for when a makeup artist and costume designer are needed.

Ok, there is no cheat sheet per say when it comes to hiring a makeup artist and a costume designer but we can tell you when we have thought it to be appropriate to have such professionals on set. Keep in mind, although the Boston video company can hire the makeup artists and costume designers for you, it is your decision to pay the extra costs.

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Here are a couple questions you should ask yourself as a company, or questions the Boston video production company will ask you about the decision:

  • Do the employees being interviewed feel more comfortable with a makeup artist and costume designer?
  • Are there actors/actresses on set?
  • Will there be costume changes?
  • Is your budget open to this?
  • Are you comfortable with the regular makeup we bring on set for touch-ups?
  • Do you have appropriate clothing for the video shoot?

As a Boston video company, you must evaluate the marketing videos scenes. Like most of our corporate training, educational, live events, and interview style videos, we rarely ever hire a makeup or costume designer for we want the businesses employees to look like themselves. In other words, you need to show the interviewees as they are because that is how he or she will connect with the audience. This isn’t saying that you should never bother getting a makeup artist or costume designer for your Boston video production shoot, but in most cases your video production crew should be able to handle any glares on the interviewees face, and the clients will dress in their everyday business attire.

The Importance of Makeup On Set

Using our most recent Boston video marketing shoot with TimePayment as an example, being on a set that large with many different scenes, actors and actresses requires there to be makeup artists and costumes designers. For this particular shoot different hair styles were needed for scenes as well as specific clothing items that the actors might not have in their everyday closest. Having a makeup artist on set was much needed to create the characters for each scene. Also having the makeup artist around for touch ups is extremely helpful for they can see the little things that may be distracting!

Options for clothing are always great to have during a corporate video production shoot, but it can also slow down the production process if clothing items aren’t picked out ahead of time. It is good to have an idea of what the actors will be wearing going into the production day. Nonetheless for the TimePayment shoot a lot of clothing styles and options were needed because the amount of scenes and video commercials being produced over the two days.

Shiny Foreheads?

Boston video productionMakeup is always a must on set, especially for shiny foreheads or sweaty foreheads. Shiny foreheads can be caused by sweat or oily skin, and can show up on camera as a glare. Nonetheless it is an easy fix with some white makeup powder that our Boston videographers always have on set.  Yet, having a professional constantly there to fix the actors makeup may not be necessary for a tight budget. Again, taking the large online marketing campaign for TimePayment into consideration, there were specific scenes where the actress needed to look as if she was from the future, another had to have her hair look as if it is burnt, and an actor had to look like a rock star.

Pros & Cons of a Makeup Artist

When putting together your video marketing campaign it is always good to weigh out the pros and cons of hiring a professional makeup artist as well as a costume designer. If you are interviewing your employees it is best to have them look like their naturals selves, that way when prospected clients meet the person they have just watched online they will be able to connect and feel as if they already know your client. Also, keep in mind that Boston video companies always come prepared with makeup kits in case of shiny heads or blemishes the interviewee would like hidden. We never want our clients to feel out of the norm during video production shoots, which is why having them dress in their regular work attire allows the interviewee to feel more comfortable.

How to Stay within your Budget of Video Production Shoot

However, unlike the marketing videos that are interview style, brand videos and online video commercials may require there to be makeup artists and costume designers depending on the amount of scenes and storyline. Having such professionals on set can certainly be helpful during a corporate video production shoot, but it isn’t necessarily required. Go over the pros and cons of having makeup artists and costume designers for your next Boston marketing campaign. As a professional video production company in Boston, at  SVG we will help guide you to stay within your budget and make the best video marketing decisions.  Don’t go over your budget or spend money just because you think it is necessary to have a makeup artist and costume designer. If you are confident in your Boston video production team then they will have an outline on appropriate clothing and makeup before filming. Not to mention video production crew members always come prepared.