Planning a Corporate Video

How to Plan a Corporate Video

A message is the most important element of a video. A video can have all the bells and whistles and a story, but if the audience is left wondering “what was the point” after the screen fades to black then you’ve failed as a video producer. Skillman Video Group is known as the premier Boston video production company, and as an intern I am in charge of blogging about our professional and effective approach to video production and video marketing. However, when I was put into the video producer seat I learned that writing is one thing but being a producer is completely different.

Pre Production Plan

Message, message, message is what I thought about for weeks leading up to my video pitch for SVG. Part of being an intern for SVG means coming up with a video concept, filming, and editing the video to be displayed on the SVG YouTube Channel. Though I had some failed pitch ideas, once concept our CEO and Creative Director Christina Skillman had discussed with me made for the perfect video topic. “Planning a Corporate Video” became the topic for my video and would help potential SVG clients be better prepared for a video marketing meeting.

Best Corporate Video Ideas

In order to provide comprehensive information about planning a corporate video, we decided that interviewing Christina would give our clients the best look into what their role is. There are times when a business doesn’t know anything about themselves meaning their message, story, and consumer base. This is a major key into developing a marketing video, for if the client doesn’t know what they want then it is hard for the video production company to reach a goal that isn’t apparent.

Video Production Planning Tips

Knowing the message of the video, I then constructed interview questions for Christina. I made a long list of questions, but I found that when conducting the interview it was better to listen and ask questions based off of the topic she was discussing. Here is an example of the questions asked during the interview:

  1. What separates SVG from other video production companies in Boston?
  2. Why is SVG the right choice for businesses looking to create a marketing video?
  3. What can SVG offer regarding marketing and video production?
  4. What are your most frequently asked questions?
  5. What questions do you not expect to be answering?
  6. What should every business know before meeting with you?
  7. What things do you need to know about your clients business in order to create a successful video?
  8. What would you tell your client to have prepared before they meet with you?
  9. What does SVG offer that will bring a business to the next level?
  10. What steps do you take to create a unique video?

One of the ideas that best described the video’s message was Christina’s metaphor of trying to hit a moving target. If a business knows their message, story, and audience then it makes SVG’s job easier and allows us to be more creative in developing a story because we know the target we need to hit. However, if a business knows very little about themselves and the important components that make up the business then it’s more difficult for SVG and is more like trying to hit a moving target.

Top New England Video Production Company

A suggestion Christina makes is doing some soul searching if a client isn’t sure about their business’s message, story, or audience. In order for SVG to better understand what marketing style video will provide the best results, the client must provide us with the right information. Christina also suggests brining in an outside marketing service that will help the business come up with a message, a mission statement, and approach. By doing so, we are better able to piece together a creative video that will attract the appropriate audience.

Planning a Corporate Video

At SVG we know all the steps that need to be taken to create the right video for a client, and as Christina points out we can certainly help you effectively tell a story that is going to be compelling, but you need to be really clear on what it is that you want. The keyword here is effective. We take pride in our work and our business at SVG, which is no different than how our clients approach their business. Yet, the difference between an effective video and an ineffective video is knowing what you want, and having a story. Again, we can hit the target if you know who you are as a business.

To learn more about video marketing and the preparing for a video marketing meeting watch the “Planning a Corporate Video” on YouTube.