Precision in Motion: Skillman Video Group’s Live Event Filming at Pan PR

Strategic Planning for a Timely Shoot

Set for the Roundtable at Pan's Boston office on the empowered consumer.

At Skillman Video Group, executing a precise filming schedule under tight constraints is a hallmark of our work.

Recently, we were tasked with capturing both interviews and B-roll at an event hosted by Pan, a notable public relations firm in Boston, focusing on modern marketing issues.

The event was held in a spectacular location with a breathtaking view, setting the stage for some quick decision-making and efficient shooting.

Choosing the Perfect Backdrop

One of the initial challenges we faced was selecting the ideal backdrop for our shoot.

Skillman Video Group Video Producers preparing for live roundtable event

The office was located on the eighth floor, boasting an impressive view of the Boston waterfront.

Initially tempted to use this scenic panorama as our background, we ultimately opted to shoot against the office interior, looking through the expansive windows.

This decision provided a consistent, controlled background that reflected the professional theme of the event, avoiding the potential complications of the changing natural light from the setting sun.

Adapting to a Live Event Environment

Given the event’s live nature, our approach had to be particularly strategic.

The necessity for seamless footage without the liberty of reshoots meant deploying two cameras to capture the event from multiple angles, thus ensuring smooth transitions and avoiding jump cuts in post-production.

Careful positioning of cameras and lighting was crucial to record the event effectively while remaining unobtrusive to the attendees and the ongoing discussion.

Overcoming Audio Challenges

Video Producer checks audio levels for live roundtable event at Pan's downtown Boston office.

Audio capture posed its own set of challenges, especially with five key speakers participating in the roundtable discussion.

Limited by the availability of audio inputs, we employed an external audio recorder alongside one of the camera’s onboard inputs.

This setup required meticulous attention, especially since we used several wireless lapel microphones, which, while convenient, are susceptible to interference.

To mitigate any audio issues, we assigned a dedicated crew member to monitor and adjust the audio levels continuously, ensuring clarity and consistency throughout the recording.

Reflection and Anticipation

The day was a whirlwind of activity, from the moment we set foot in the Pan PR offices to the last click of the camera.

Successfully navigating the complexities of live event filming underlines our commitment to quality and precision in every project we undertake.