SEM Rush & Google Analytics

Boston video production company knows what drives traffic onto their site, or what attracts the most business. Using specific keywords in blogs or video marketing content can make all the difference. Now, this doesn’t mean to use every keyword you can think of. Why not? Well, Google recognizes when keywords aren’t being used in an organic fashion. If your blogs are stuffed with keywords it does little for SEO. Knowing which keywords drive the most traffic onto your website is key, and that can be done through SEM Rush or Google Analytics.

These two online marketing tools truly stand out amongst video marketing companies. Hundreds of tools are launched every year with the aim to help online marketers achieve optimal results for their online efforts. While some of these new tools have their fair share of pros and cons, few compare to the cutting edge features of SEMRush and Google Analytics. They are the ultimate keyword research tools available on the market that provide valuable data in terms of SEO.


SEMRush is a keyword research tool with an updated database of over a million keywords and keyword phrases that are used to drive traffic to websites. It’s a program many bloggers use to optimize their sites, create the content their audience wants and create a better experience for their visitors. What can SEMRush offer its costumers?

  • See your competitors organic positions
  • Domain specific keyword ranking
  • Study your competitors Ad’s text
  • Position tracking
  • Find good long tail keywords
  • Comparison of domains by keywords
  • Compare various SEO metrics
  • SEMRush line graphs and pie charts
  • Organic research
  • Compare several sites together
  • Advertising research
  • Track many different keyword metrics
  • AdSense Research
  • Crawl audit tool
  • Pin-point accurate ad data
  • Backlinks
  • Detailed and in depth look at ad campaign data
  • Keyword research

Semrush website

Business marketers work hard to write posts h1oping to increase traffic to their site. But often, they don’t focus enough on how they are generating that traffic. With your video marketing content’s analytics, you may realize that only a couple of your posts are contributing all of the traffic to the site. When using the SEMRush SEO tool, you can find keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor’s website. Then you may write quality content based on those keywords. Doing this will help you get a better position for certain target keywords.

SEMRush Streamlined Dashboard Makes Searching a Snap

SEMRush has an efficiently designed dashboard display that has everything that you may need. Keyword and SEO tools can tend to be a bit cluttered, with organization features falling short. The program has the organization element down, with a sidebar full of options on the left, neatly displayed custom stats in the center, and a convenient search bar right at the top.

SEO Keywords

A video marketing company that uses such a tool can get ahead in the marketing game. It offers an in-depth keyword tracking system that gives you valuable keyword data that is refreshed regularly. After the search of a keyword, the dashboard fills with SEO-related data from cost per click to the number of search results. In a snapshot, the keyword summary tells you how much competition you are facing with that keyword, and how many people are searching for that term. The cost per click is helpful for those researching for a Google Adwords campaign, because it gives real time data with how much that keyword is costing at the moment.

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Business can get stronger results across all their sites, apps, and offline channels. And yes you will find a lot of similarities with Google Analytics and SEM Rush.
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How to Measure SEO Performance

Review what your competitors are doing online. You can get the same data from their site as you get for your own website. You can see the top keywords they are using and see where they are beating you in search. SemRush also allows you to find out the top 20 pages that are ranking for certain keywords. Instead of focusing on a specific competitor, you can focus on the keywords. That will show you any other competitors that are ranking that you might not even know about. It will allow you to stay on top of what you are doing and what others are doing around you. This is a great tool for video marketing.

Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Business can get stronger results across all their sites, apps, and offline channels. And yes you will find a lot of similarities with Google Analytics and SEM Rush.

  • FREE to use
  • Relatively easy basic setup
  • Documentation available on almost every aspect
  • Powerful customizable reports
  • Intuitive tool
  • Great Analytics API
  • Integration of WMT
  • Handy way of tracking campaigns
  • Lots of great add ons available
  • Send reports periodically via email
  • Export to Excel at a breeze
  • Powerful Real Time Reporting
  • Multi-Channel Funnel
  • Easy integration with survey and testing tools

Google Analytics Free Tool

Google Analytics is free of charge. Businesses don’t have to pay any monthly fees for using it. These way businesses can invest a decent budget in resources, instead of in tools. All you need is a Gmail account and your set to use the analytics

How to use Google Analtics

Google Analytics shows the traffic flow making an entry into a businesses’ site. We can understand the statistics of our visitors entering the website. We can even understand the traffic coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and accordingly flow can be managed effectively. Businesses are able to find out what keywords their site visitors type in to find their site. There’s a lot of useful information that video marketers can take advantage of.

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