Concept to Content

Our Perspective:

The SVG approach goes beyond simple video production, extending well into conceptual development. At SVG we understand that various marketing initiatives require a more detailed and systematic design from as early as the conceptual phase. Therefore, the experts at SVG have formally developed a Concept to Content marketing strategy program.

Our Concept to Content program is designed to be as seamless as possible. SVG works hand in hand with each client to develop the perfect marketing pitch and strategy. Creating content from the ground up has a twofold benefit for our clients. Grassroots brainstorming sessions provide for a robust well-designed marketing package that accurately shares your story, your products, and your services to a defined target market. Additionally, a potentially long term partnership between your organization and SVG is developed by virtue of the collaboration process.

Our Approach:

Our comprehensive skill set allows the opportunity to work with clients in designing content from the ground up.

  1. Discovery phase: SVG likes to conduct a ‘meet and greet’ to gather pertinent information about our clients and learn their corporate language, business culture and even obtain knowledge regarding preferred aesthetics and design.
  2. Design phase: SVG launches into a conceptual design phase, based on the knowledge acquired at the ‘meet and greet’ and other methods of research conducted. During this phase we focus on the best way to tell our client’s story – be it animation, a series of testimonials, or a more complex algorithm of videos.
  3. Development phase:  Script drafts are created, story boards are drafted, and casting decisions are made during our development process.
  4. Implementation phase: When all of the pre-production work is completed and approved by our clients, SVG plans, organizes and proceeds with implementation of the products.  Be it a video, a branding campaign, SEO | SMMonline marketing campaign . . . the options are limitless.
  5. Production phase:  Upon completion of pre-production and client approval, the product is completed and sent for final approval.
  6. Post-production phase: A complete and perfected marketing product is offered to our clients consisting of a high quality, well-written, beautifully designed video, web site, email or social media campaign. Enjoy!