Live Event Video Production

Our Perspective, Live Event Video Production:

Live events are transient by nature – that’s what makes them so compelling. Concerts, lecture series, even staged productions are all onetime deals that might get repeated, but never in the same way.

What happens when you want to capture the magic of a concert, the content of a lecture, or the workings of a staged event? Skillman Video Group is here to do just that. Our live event video production experience gives us the edge in capturing the excitement and vivacity of your event.

From huge events with multiple camera setups, to flexible one-camera jobs, Skillman Video Group has produced top-notch material in a wide range of live settings. We can even offer on-site video editing and post live event video production work.

Our Approach:

  1. Consultation – we talk to the client (that’s you)
  2. Planning- the best means of getting the material, and the most affective format for doing so (that’s your video)
  3. Personnel – based on planning, we get a group of experts together to handle the event (that’s our staff)
  4. Day Of – get there early, meet with client, and set up for the big event (that’s the production part)
  5. The Event – you don’t have to worry, because our producers know exactly how to get the best content out of every shot
  6. Post Production – we polish it to capture the essence of the event
  7. Your Content – we deliver a professionally done top notch video into your hands.