Professional Video Production

Our Perspective for Professional Video Production:

This is our most widely used service offering – a comprehensive and professional video production team organized around our clients needs.

Skillman Video Group Producers have the expertise to work with our clients through the entire creative process starting in pre-production (scripting, storyboarding etc) and ending in post-production (editing, animation etc).  SVG Directors and crews utilize every technical advantage for shooting dynamic, clean and visually appealing footage. We shoot on only high-end, Broadcast quality HD cameras.  Our lighting and audio technicians are well versed in proper lighting techniques, and use top-of-the-line microphones for recording audio.  Whether shooting your marketing, educational, testimonial, or product video, television commercial, concert, recital or live event, we use every technical advantage at our disposal to deliver an exceptional final product.

Every piece of the project–the script, raw footage, voice over, music, graphics and animation—come together in the editing room.  The logical sequence of events, flow of information, rapid transition from one scene to another or from one topic to another, must be done seamlessly.  Editors at SVG are skilled at creatively utilizing scene transitions, music, graphics, color correction and the right amount of special effects to both clarify and tell the story. Our professional video production services are effective for promoting our clients products and services.  We believe in working collaboratively with our clients on all phases of their professional video  production. Our clients  feedback and suggestions are solicited throughout the entire process.

Our Approach:

  1. One on one consultation – a meeting to determine the foundation for the shoot
  2. Planning Phase – the producers plot out the details of the production
  3. Day of – the crew and director take care of all the details, arranging for lighting and audio throughout the shoot.
  4. Post Production – expert editing to give the final layer of shine to your content

The last step is delivering into our client’s hand a polished final product to be used in any format. The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ is readily apparent in the world of video production… so choose SVG, trust us to deliver a truly great final product.  Click here to see some sample of our previous work.