SEO & Blogging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) extends into all realms of your company’s public impression and marketing. Carefully crafting website content that incorporates a keyword strategy and social media marketing plan helps your business reap the rewards of SEO.

Skillman Video Group offers a sophisticated SEO service that can begin to develop leads for your business starting today. At Skillman Video Group we have developed a video marketing approach that we call SVM (Social Video Marketing). Social Video Marketing is a comprehensive service that offers a proven, all-in-one solution that taps into the tremendous power of SEO, blogging, social media and video to drive more visitors to your website. Professional branding, web design, video / animation content then converts web visitors into business prospects as they gain the full and immediate experience of seeing a company’s/organization’s services or product at work.

social media marketingYour company’s website design and structure, blog, video marketing and social media outlets are connected by SEO. Each element reinforces the others, and help strengthen your positions on competitive terms; the more SEO we do for you, the stronger your online presence will become. Search engines, Google still the leader among them (and the standard we use to gage success) are also perceptive reading machines. In order to succeed your business needs to feed original and well developed content to search engines on a regular basis. One important key to a successful SEO campaign is your blog.

Our team of talented blog writers will produce high-quality blog posts that are appropriate for your company. According to your personal style, each blog post will be dedicated to relevant news in your field. We create connections between existing blog posts and link to your website. Your clients will gain a better understanding of your business through the tailored presentation and exceptional content SVG generates for your company’s blog. Content will be keyword rich while simultaneously maintaining a strong sense of individuality. Optimized blogs are a great resource for your company and one of the most certain ways to gain a receptive client community.

Search engine optimization applied through SVG creates an ongoing, positive relationship between Google and your company’s websites. Google looks for content typically and historically used by the average browser, and is done through extensive research into a client’s business.

A prospect’s searches and research can lead them to your website. The optimized content along with video, social media and blogging when implemented on your site, will help your company move up in relevant search results. Through SVG’s SEO service, your site will become a recognizable, credible authority with Google. Our SEO experts will perform the necessary tasks that will make your company’s online presence strong and your conversion rates will increase significantly. The sooner you get started, the better the results will be. Contact SVG today to learn more about what our SEO services can do for your business.