Mobile Video Marketing

Why is Mobile Video Marketing Important?

The progression of video production has led to the necessity for more accessibility, which is achieved through the ability to view and respond to content on mobile devices. In light of this, video has been optimized for cellphones, iPads, and other portable technology. This evolution has allowed for content creators to reach a wider audience, as viewers are no longer required to own a computer in order to surf the Internet. Video marketing is a unique strategy to individualize a businesses and inspire creativity.

Why a Business Should Use Mobile Video Marketing

  1. The Ability to Share Content

In order to increase the amount of times a video is shared, and in order to strengthen a business’ SEO, it is important to distribute content through YouTube and Instagram (which are easily accessible on a mobile device), therefore making the ability to view and share them all the more likely. This is especially important when considering the prevalence with which people check their social media accounts. One of out four people check their Facebook more than five times a day.

  1. It Attracts Audiences

Video marketing is far more aesthetically pleasing than a page that is composed of only text, which can overwhelm viewers. Videos are unique in that they spark curiosity in a way that pictures or paragraphs do not. Even if the page has useful information, there is a higher chance that people will absorb the content through a visual medium, rather than an extensively written article.

  1. Wi-Fi Increases Accessibility

As the Internet has become essential to everyday life, the increased presence and obtainability of Wi-Fi has also occurred. This ensures that a video can be accessed anywhere, which also encourages the use of mobile devices wherever a viewer might be.

boston video company4. Younger Audiences

Video caters to the younger generation more than any other demographic. A business is able to cater their video marketing strategy to target audiences and cater to their needs and interests. Teenagers and young adults, who rely heavily on their mobile devices and the ability to view and share content, are effective sectors to aim a campaign towards.

Studies show that when a business advertises through video marketing, purchase intent increases by 97%. This statistic demonstrates that video is a contemporary medium to reach and speak to audiences, and that it encourages a strong relationship between a company and its viewership. One of the most effective qualities of a video campaign is its ability to circulate conversation and initiate progress.

How to Strengthen a Mobile Video Marketing Strategy

  1. A Personalized, Individual Campaign

A powerful strategy is to appeal to the viewer’s emotions. This increases their feedback and engagement, as well as personalizes the company’s image. The incorporation of this strategy also allows the audience to connect to the brand, therefore solidifying the relationship and ensuring customer dependability and loyalty. Ads or promotional videos of this nature are able to be shown through most social media platforms, which also keeps a business relevant and in touch with a larger audience.

  1. Take Advantage of Live Features

Whether it be a company event or a day at the office, Facebook (or Instagram) Live is a way for brands to advertise a product, promote the company, or present the company’s message overall. Social media’s live features allow for audiences to see the everyday aspects of a company’s process, which refines its image. Viewers can ask questions and become familiarized with employees and other audience members, which further peaks their interest.Mobile Video Optimization

  1. Tell a Story

A strong strategy that a company can execute is a video campaign that incorporates a story. This gives a business the creative freedom to depict its brand in a heartfelt and compelling fashion. It also has the power to either cater towards certain target audiences, or to unite each demographic under a common, relatable message. An appealing story will boost audience awareness and reliability, which subsequently strengthens the relationship they have with a brand.

  1. Snapchat and Virtual Reality

Albeit unconventional, VR and Snapchat are emerging trends which captivate younger audiences and, in the case of Snapchat, inspires them to check in on a 24-hour basis. Snapchat’s fleetingness motivates viewers to maintain informed before the “story” disappears, which solidifies a tangible following, especially since there are over 150 million users on the app. VR is an interesting way to advertise a brand, as it gives viewers an enhanced experience by interacting directly with a company’s product or service.

Why Mobile is Making Video Marketing Important

Regardless of the strategy, the choice to start a video campaign is undeniably important. Not only does it directly connect a business to its audience, but it also verifies its relevance in today’s technology concentrated world. A huge development is a viewer’s capability to view content on any device. The shift to mobile technology is more popular than ever, which makes social media, and other forms of mobile sharing, all the more powerful. It is in a company’s best interest to advertise through these platforms in order to gain, maintain, and solidify its reputation.

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