Signing Off, reflecting on Internship at Skillman Video Group

Writing this reminds me how much has happened since I started my internship with Skillman Video Group. It may feel like it was just last week, but it was four months ago now. I was circling Faneuil Hall trying to figure out exactly where the office was, and trying not to sweat in the summer sun. Now I’m riding down snow-swept train tracks towards the final days of my internship. It’s the contrast between these that reminds me how much has changed and how important my time at SVG has been.

Intern on set for Cambridge Sound Management project

My time in film school had taught me a lot of very important skills. These skills enabled my opportunity to intern at SVG, but it has been my time here that has prepared me to put those skills to use in the form of a career. This internship has been my introduction to the business of film and video production. By no means am I done learning, but I’m far more prepared than I was on graduation day.

It’s unclear what I’ll be doing next, but I’m better prepared for my next step, whether it’s a full-time job or striking out on my own as a freelancer. I’m excited for the possibilities to come. These four months have taught me so many important lessons, built meaningful relationships, and provided me with an introduction to the community of Boston film and video professionals. I am thankful for this experience, and I am excited to see what will happen next for both myself and Skillman Video Group.

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