Why Brand Social Media is Critical

Social media branding strategy

Personal Branding Social Media Strategy

As a Boston video production company, understanding the roles of social media and video marketing is integral to keeping relevant in today’s market. Both have evolved into a primary means of engagement between a brand and their customers. In the past, it was print, billboards, and televisions. Now, video marketing is accessible through phones and computers by using apps to  interact with others. The digital age hosts a major portion of these marketing and advertising conversations on the web through the treadmills of social media.

Social Video Marketing

Whether it is a Boston video production company or a family owned restaurant, in order to remain engaged with customers, every company needs to have a viable means of doing so. Today, that is through social media. When a company markets and engages with their customers on social media, they are accomplishing three main things: advertising and marketing their own product or mission while expounding on their SEO, establishing loyalty with their customers by creating a personalized online community, and providing easily reachable and accessible online customer service.

Importance of Video on Social Media

Think of social media as a voice and video marketing is the microphone. Imagine a crowded room full of people talking and socializing. All of them are carrying on their own conversations. Than, someone needs to make an announcement. How does someone do this effectively and clearly so people can hear the message? They grab a mic. Video production services are that mic. Social media with video production services is a strategic way to create a stronger and louder message than the rest of the chatty people in the room.

Not only is it easy to make a message and send it out through video production services, social media allows one into a conversation that otherwise they had no access to. In order to reach an audience, one has to have access to that audience. Social media is a common ground, one that can be accessed by all to host any conversation.

Role os Social Media in Brand Building

When a brand or company is creating personalized conversations, they are increasing the chances that target audience members will hear and see their product or mission, while also increasing the chances for positive oriented actions, meaning that they buy the product or join the mission. When target Social media engagement strategyaudience members begin to search out a company or access the company website through social media, Google registers the searches.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

By having active and effective social media, a business is able to create a conversation around their products and services. Using social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allows you to reach a wide range of potential clients and show off your brand. The more effective the social media the more likely the company will see a positive effect. In order to create more effective social media, companies should be utilizing video marketing services as it is a more stimulating piece of content. 

How to use Social Media for Marketing

Social media is not merely a place to “Like” funny videos or share a picture of your lunch. It’s now the latest newspaper, tv screen, and billboard for advertising and or video marketing services. It’s all of those in one, while allowing your customers to join the conversation.

As a brand or company hosts and creates these conversations, they are selecting a specific audience and topic to be discussed. What this does is create a community. In doing this, a brand is establishing loyalty with its customers while expressing shared interests with their followers. When a customer feels that they share values, interests, and ideas with a company, loyalty is being established. It is out of a sense of familiarity or similarity that a person is going to to buy a product or join a cause. Social media gives a company the environment to be able to paint that appealing image towards its customers. Video marketing services can create this image in an effective way, and is another reason why we, as a Boston video production Company, consider it an integral piece of modern marketing. 

Social Media and Community Engagement

Following this idea, loyalty is also established by repeated and proven admirable service. Social media is a way for a brand to offer customer service in a quick and easy fashion. This creates reliability and mutual respect. For example, a company that sells clothes online, needs to be attentive and aware to dissatisfied customers online. A customer has received a pair of pants that are the wrong color and shares it on social media ranting about how inattentive the representative was and neglected to respond to the post. The rant explains how this specific company should never receive money from anyone. People will see this, make note of it, and leave reviews about the company.

Now, contrastingly, the same situation happens. Instead of being unaware or inattentive to such social media posts, the company immediately responds to the customer through the post and offers a way to fix the issue, and pay for the shipping as it was their mistake. Again, people see this, make note, and leave reviews. Customer service has always been a staple of a company’s success and reputation, now this aspect of business takes place online and through social media. If a company wants happy customers, they need social media.

Why is Social Media Important?

Social media has become a staple piece of the success, marketability, and reputation of a company. Social media is a hub for all people to access conversations and topics involving their interests. Companies and brands need to know that if they lack social media, they are missing a great opportunity to market themselves. Video production services are an integral piece of accomplishing stronger social media presence and influence; without your mic, no one will hear you. Everyone is social media branding strategysaying something, how are you differentiating your message and branding? Video marketing services are a surer and clearer way of sharing and creating a message for an audience. By appealing to a multitude of senses, it is a more effective way to create a memorable message.