SVG On Set: SMS Tattoo

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Similar to a tattoo, a Boston video production company must pay close attention to detail, and even the slightest mistake can throw off the rest of the production process; and like a tattoo we must be close to perfection.

As a Boston video company we are use to filming many different video marketing campaigns. Recently, we have filmed everything from interviews, to actors, to a live events. However, in some Boston video production instances there really isn’t a “specific style” the client is looking for; and instead are looking to show the process of their business or in this case art. Skillman Video Group has never been to a tattoo parlor, nor do we have any tattoos. But on a Sunday morning in Nashua, NH at the SMS Tattoo parlor that all changed. Spoiler: No we did not get a tattoo. Our camera recorded the beautiful etching of the ink hitting the skin for the first time, and it might have been the most intriguing close up shots we have ever taken. It was completely mesmerizing to our professional videographer Chuck. 

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Or job for this particular video production shoot was to show the tattoo process and record how it feels. Unlike some of our recent corporate video production shoots in Boston, no proper interviews were conducted; instead the video had a little less structure than what we are normally used to. Though,  this isn’t saying we shot this video with less professionalism and quality than others. At SVG no matter the video production style we still aim for the best quality video and in this case the video was described more as a “cultural documentary” by our professional videographer Chuck. Although this video can be considered a live event in some ways it could also fall into the corporate training video category. Even once we were done filming the inking, we headed over the the Dermatologist office in Quincy, MA. to show the removal process. Yet, it is unclear whether the tattoo removal will be included as a contrast to the tattoo technique. 

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Due to the setup of this Boston video production shoot, Chuck was the only one needed for the that day. Although it is always good to have an extra crewmember on hand, Chuck was able to shoot the scenes needed with no problems. All the shots were filmed in 4K on a Sony 5S7 camera, which was handheld through the entire session. Again, this is a different style from some of our other video styles, but the handheld camera provided the ability to move around easier and gave a more dramatic feel. The SMS Tattoo parlor itself was described as light and colorful which was an important quality to include in the video. By doing so the parlors clients will know the atmosphere and feel more comfortable before entering the front door. Eric, the tattoo artist we were following for the day was incredibly laid-back and a master ink worker. His creations were incredibly captivating as was the entire process when seeing it up close. As a corporate video production company we recognize how captivated we were by the artistry  of a tattoo and thus made sure to get the best close-ups of the entire task. Equipment wise Chuck had little need for a lot of set-up. Lighting was great in the 4 station tattoo parlor, and he didn’t need to mess with that. Though Chuck didn’t plan on holding the camera for the close up of the tattoo design he found that it worked better rather than using a tripod. 

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One thing to always keep in mind as a Boston video company is detail and the post-production editing. By filming all the work in 4K it allows the editors to zoom in much closer than the video camera lense permitted. Background noise can also be a huge debilitating factor is post-production. Even though no interviews or mic’s were needed for this particular corporate video production shoot, factors such as music playing in the background can ruin the video entirely. Especially because we needed to hear the noise of the needle and the conversation happening between the tattoo artist and his client. As a corporate video production company it is always important to keep every person in mind who is apart of the production process. If the editors are having to deal with ambiance noise or off balance lighting scenes it can make the post-production work last longer than it should. 

Watching somebody else get a tattoo can be just as satisfying as getting one after our experience at SMS Tattoo. However, if any of our Boston video production crew members are looking to get a tattoo in the near future they know where to go. It was important to us and our client that we get the relaxing atmosphere of the parlor and the detail of the process. By showing what was captivating us the most we knew exactly what potential clients would want to see.