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What do you get when you put fire, sparks, confetti,large props, actors, animals, and a high tech studio all together? Just another day in the office for Skillman Video Group. Our Boston video production corporation had the pleasure of working with TimePayment over the course of a large 2 day video shoot. However unlike our brand and  interview based video styles, this was a 5 part commercial series. For such a large product we were able to set-up our video production equipment and crew at the Red Sky Studios in Allston, MA. Not only was this studio large with movable lighting equipment and sound proof walls, but it has recently been the host to big movie scenes like “Ted 2” and “Ghostbusters”.

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Besides geeking out over all of the famous celebrities that have walked through the halls, some of over SVG employees were able to show off their acting skills. Although the acting only entailed holding a limbo bar and dancing while confetti fell to the ground, the logistics of holding the limbo bar at the same height for the professional actor proved to be the most difficult task. We only had one take to get the shot because of the confetti falling from the ceiling took 15 minutes to pick up and set up again. Being on a tight schedule didn’t give us much room for error. Fortunately, the shot came out perfect and our CEO & Producer Christina Skillman was pleased to see some of her own on camera.

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Boston Video Production ServicesOur professional videographer for the day was Jake, who has the top video and lighting equipment in the Boston area. A lot of the shots were organized for timeliness so we wouldn’t have to change props much or the actors outfits. When doing a marketing shoot this large, we often send the raw footage to our professional editing team to add in sound and visual effects. However, it’s always important as a corporate video production company in Boston to provide as many shots as possible for the editors; thus having more than one take of a line and shooting close ups and wide shots provides the most footage options for the editing team to go through.

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With so many moving parts on set it can feel like a circus. We had about 10-15 people on set throughout the day, but every member of the crew including the actors had one goal in mind: Get the job done. The only actor that didn’t cooperate were the two cats we hired for the “Lion” scene. Unfortunately, the scene had to be cut, which would cause panic to some Boston video production crew, but for SVG there is always a Plan C (Plan 1 was cat #1 and plan 2 was cat #2). Plan C entailed cutting the cat scene and creating an imaginary cat, or in the video production world this is also known as “subliminal.”

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Boston video ProducerAs one of many corporate video production companies in Boston, it is always important to keep in mind that it may require 20 different takes before getting the perfect one. One scene that was challenging for our actors was for the “Vendor Commercial.” This particular scene had a lot of important keywords and phrases that needed to be said perfectly. Although the whole video is marketing the clients company, there are particular moments in the video where the message and important information needs to be clear. Yes, there are scenes where lines don’t have to be said word for word, but in this case every word counted. The actors struggled a couple of times getting the scene recited perfectly, and the added pressure of having 12 people watching you and correcting your lines can be that much more stressful. Nonetheless, our professional actors did an amazing job getting the lines out and making it flow naturally

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As the end of and Boston video production day comes to a close, it is necessary that the crew members keep the energy up! This will directly affect everyone on set, including the videographer, producer, actors, and the client.  Even after a long day of shooting rolling full steam ahead until the final scene is extremely important for the audience will pick up on that energy when watching the video; especially if the actors appear tired and the quality of the video begins to decline. Not to mention, the client is asking for your professional video production expertise to create the best marketing video for their company. As a Boston video production services company you can’t just provide a layout of the day, assure the client that everything will turn out great, and promise the best commercial videos and then completely drop the ball because you were too tired to finish off the day on a strong note. At SVG our crew is amazing at keeping the day going and energy levels high. Even during the final scenes we were laughing and smiling. A key to this energy is hydration! Always have water on set for everyone!
Two full days of shooting commercial videos can be a lot for some corporate video production companies, but at SVG it is what we live for. We couldn’t have been more happy with the actors and crewmembers. Everyone worked together great and thank to Red Sky Studios we had the perfect location to film!Boston Video Production Company