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This summer of 2016 is finally coming to an end and I am sad to say goodbye to Boston. On my flight back home to Miami I will be thinking about all the wonderful times I had with Skillman Video Group this summer and working with this amazing and professional video marketing company. Jason and I worked as the interns for Christina Skillman this summer learning all the ins and out of video production. There were plenty of experiences to mention being an intern at SVG this summer, everything from blogging weekly about the latest trends in the marketing field along with our video production services. But none compare to writing, producing, and editing our very own intern video for Skillman Video group. Jason and I had the opportunity to draft up several ideas for a marketing video that would illustrate what SVG is to the Internet. We didn’t just come up with one idea, both of us decided on two amazing Boston video production concepts that would be attainable for us to film within our given time period. The final projects turned out to be a success and I am so proud of the fantastic work we have accomplished over the last three months. Jason is an incredible person to work with and bring so much laughter and intellect to the table. We worked on so many different aspects of production this summer and have truly grown into better professionals. Quick shout out to Jason Sanchez for doing an amazing job and to keep up the great work!

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Now to get to the details of our video projects this summer. Jason and I came up with two ideas that we decided to produce and finalize before the end of summer. Both of the videos were finished and the marketing product is fantastic. Jason handled “The Office Parody” and recapped about how we accomplished producing that video. I will be discussing the second film that we decided to make this summer which is “The Dos Equis Parody”. SVG as a Boston video production company taught me how to properly plan for a video production and learn what it takes to make a promotional piece of material.SVG Office Video

Dos Equis Parody

This was a really fun video to brainstorm and figure out what angle we wanted to take. I believe everyone is familiar with this famous commercial where the older gentleman describes outlandish things he has done in his past that makes him “the most interesting man in the world”. Well we decided that it would be fun to make a parody of this concept and showcase Skillman Video Group as “the most interesting video production company in the world”. With this main catch phrase in play, we just had to create funny scenarios that mimicked the feeling of the original Dos Equis commercials. Once we figured out the lines we would say, what came next was filming.

What is Pre and Post Production

Corporate video ideas might require long days of production with hired actors and pyrotechnics, but on this film set it was simple and efficient. On the day of production, Jason and I decided to film both of our video ideas on the same day. It took a lot of planning and time management but we got it done. The big take away from filming two separate videos on the same day was utilizing the film location efficiently. If there was a scene from the Dos Equis commercial that was in the same location as The Office Parody, then we budgeted our time properly to get both shots done. By doing this, we were accomplishing two tasks in one day and making the most of our accessibility to the location and equipment. It was vital to have all of this done so that we could properly plan for postproduction work to be done.

Film Production Process Steps

Editing the Dos Equis parody SVG Boston video company summer film was pretty simplistic in the postproduction world. I used Final Cut as the editing software that provide me with many different advanced capabilities. I prefer using this medium than other types of editing platforms so I was comfortable with getting the footage laid out in the correct order and creating a one minute commercial that had some humor and sent a clear message. Once the initial format was configured, I decided to use Jason’s voice for the voice over in the video, which proved to be a great comedic addition to the film and tied the final cut together.

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What does it mean to be in Production

This production is now on our Boston YouTube account for Skillman Video Group. It was such a pleasure being able to experience all the amazing opportunities that this Boston video marketing company has to offer and I am thankful to have been the intern for the summer of 2016. Anyone who is interested in the video production field for looking for professional services should definitely check out all the wonderful jobs that SVG can do for you. This summer has taught me how to be a business woman, a professional in the field, a marketing blogger, an assistant producer on many production sites, and an efficient storyteller. Skillman Video Group can help with telling your story whether it is a corporate training video production, commercial, marketing segment, how to video, and more. I look forward to seeing the many exciting projects and future of this fantastic company.