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Top 10 Myths of SEO

Search Engine Optimization strategiesTop SEO Myths

Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is an extremely important tool in marketing. However, there are lots of misconceptions when it comes to learning about SEO and how it ticks. There is some misconceptions about SEO, and Skillman Video Group is here to help you determine what is true and what is false.

Here are the top ten myths you may hear about SEO.

1. SEO is just a scam

SEO is not a scam, in fact, can be used to scam people and companies. According to Moz, it is common for small marketing vendors to charge businesses obscene amounts of money to help them bump up their rankings in Google. That is a scam, and it is also not SEO.

SEO is a lot different from just another internet scam. SEO requires hard work, effort, and can not be obtained by paying off another company. To make sure your SEO strategy is in top shape, your company will have to constantly update and correct your website. It requires commitment. Don’t be fooled into thinking SEO is a scam. In addition, it is constantly changing.

2. Google does everything for you

While Google is an extremely useful tool and excellent search engine, it cannot do all of your SEO work for you. Handing Google your URL and hoping Internet users will be able to find your website is no way to get noticed online. Google mimics human behavior, and not random algorithms. Every single page on your website needs to be unique and special. If your page looks exactly like every other page because you simply threw it together hoping Google would save you, then you are going to get nowhere in the SEO world, and nowhere in the Boston video production world. Instead of sitting back and wishing for Google to slay your low-SEO-ranking-dragons, it’s time to get to work on your website and slay them yourself.

3. Only focusing on SEO will grow your company

While SEO is extremely important, it is not your only concern when marketing your business online. SEO should be one building block in your journey to creating a successful company, whatever that may be. Do not put your entire budget into SEO, and do not singularly rely on SEO either. Making sure to pay attention to SEO is very important, but don’t forget about all the other little details that make growing a company successful. For example, you should focus on the content you have in your website as well. Make sure your content caters to your viewers, so that they will be more inclined to share what you created with others like them. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Add photos and video. Do everything you can to grow your company, don’t singularly rely on SEO.

4. Overload content with keywords

Keywords are extremely important, do not be mistaken. Depending on how long your content is, having three or four keywords in there is important. But if you have too many, for example having ten keywords on a 300 word blog post, the visitors on your site are going to be annoyed. They don’t want to be bothered every other sentence with a keyword. So make sure to only have a small amount of keywords, because if you have more than that, Internet users will quickly ditch your website for another one that is more bearable to read. Also, Google is getting smarter. It can now tell when you are loading your content with keywords just to try to get higher rankings.

5. The more pages on my website, the better my rankings will be.

Having lots of content will not actually improve your SEO rankings. Quality trumps quantity, even in video production Boston, so making sure to have keywords on your pages is important.  As long as you have pages that add value, the amount of content you doesn’t matter. Google looks more at user’s experience online. If there are websites getting more traffic than others but have significantly less content, it would be because users are attracted to all the information on the page. So, in order to get higher ranking, you write for the reader, and not just to have more content.

6. Content is everything

Content, while being extremely important, is not the only thing that matters when it comes to SEO. There are lots of other factors included in optimization besides having good content, including keywords, mobile optimization, and link-building. Quality content is definitely necessary, but you should not rely on that to get your top SEO rankings. Don’t forget about all the other factors that go into it. For example, you need photos and video, a mobile friendly site, and information that users want to read.

7. You must rank number 1Clever blog post titles

Ranking number 1 is great, but it isn’t necessary in order to grow your company and succeed business-wise. It happens all too often that the only way to get to number 1 is to pay for a generic keyword that is searched extremely often. Buying keywords can be very beneficial as long as you know what you are doing, but if you are just starting out there are other ways to grow your rankings. Doing this is a waste of money. Ranking lower is just as good as ranking number 1; you can still get plenty of traffic to your website, and being number 1 is just a label.  Instead of worrying about ranking number 1, focus on creating quality content with keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

8. Higher rankings = higher amounts of money

While having high rankings is great, it does not necessarily mean you will get higher revenue. Most keywords have different levels of intent. They have different levels of search volume. Just because you have high rankings, it may not translate to your website being well designed with quality content. Getting Internet users to visit your website is wonderful, but if you don’t have an appealing site, they will click out faster than they clicked in, and you will be left with high rankings but a low income. This is because dwell time is extremely important. Those who click out of your website faster will cause you to rank lower in Google, and your website will not be noticed as often as it could potentially be.

9. My homepage needs to be loaded with contentvideo production services site

Homepages are important, and that is a fact. It is the first thing a viewer sees when they open your website. However, as long as the homepage is relevant to what the viewer is looking for, they will most likely click elsewhere on your site to find their target information. Homepages are just doorways into everything else internet users are looking for, whether it be production companies Boston, or something else. So make sure you have good content, but don’t load up your homepage and leave the rest of your site lonely. Have an appealing homepage, but put the important information somewhere else.

10. I don’t need images or video

It has been proven that having videos and images will definitely help your SEO rankings. Skillman Video Group specializes in making quality videos to market your website the way you want it to be seen. People like to see pictures, and people like to watch videos. Videos are easier to watch than reading an entire article is, and most Internet users don’t want to put lots of effort into what they’re doing, hence the reason they are browsing the internet. And with video production companies Boston, you can help your SEO rankings greatly. So remember to spice your content with the occasional video or image.

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