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Do you know that expression about assumptions? You know, the one about how make you and me a less polite word for donkey. Well, I disagree with that platitude.

Of course there are times when an assumption is actually inappropriate, for example assuming anything about anybody on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, sexual-orientation, or native language. But, we go through life unconsciously forming and operating on assumptions every day.

Top New England Video Production Services

For example, if you’ve found this page, then I assume you’re looking for Video Production Services in Boston. Here’s another example, maybe you assumed that Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production company, because of our name. You’re right!

Skillman Video Group is Boston’s premier video production service that transforms your concepts into marketable, profitable content. On this page, I’ll elaborate on the services that we provide, and describe the value we can bring to your next video production or video marketing project.

The Full Range of Services for a Boston Video Production Company

Since 2005, Skillman Video Group has been actively creating and marketing video content for large, small, national and international businesses since 2005. Christina Skillman founded our business over a decade ago, and she now serves as our current CEO and Creative Director. By using her years of experience in Cable Television and Documentary Production, Christina launched Skillman Video Group to help businesses create beautiful, innovative content that can be optimized for online distribution.

We’ve grown tremendously since 2005, and now have offices in Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall. We owe our success to a number of important factors and qualities.

At Skillman Video Group we:

  • Have developed our content, marketing strategies, and approach to grow alongside the rapid expansion of the internet. Think of what the internet was like back in 2005! It was an extremely different place. If you’re having trouble remembering those times, then just think about for a few seconds.
  • Are business people first, but creative types as well. We flourish in an environment that allows us to explore the boundaries of our creativity, but purposefully. We love to exercise our creativity by imagining new ways that businesses can present themselves in digital spaces.
  • Work in a variety of formats that are designed to best showcase the idea that they are portraying. For instance, we can cover live event videos, interviews, or product demo style videos!

Video Production Services

We’re a Boston Production Company that offers a varied range of services that are designed to meet our client’s needs. Our services are designed with one goal in mind: giving your business an edge over the competition when dealing with online marketing, video production, and obstacles that get in the way of outreach. We believe, and we believe this because of actual evidence we have, that skilled video production provides an instant advantage over your competition, which is needed to stand out in the crowded digital space of the 21st century.

How We Can Improve SEO on My Website?

To build upon the importance of video production, we pride ourselves on our abilities to market content effectively online. We have the tools to ensure that your business’s story is seen and heard. If you are looking for a Boston Production Company that not only creates beautiful video content, but also gets the word out about it, then Skillman Video Group can provide your business with the tools needed to reach a wide audience. We rely heavily on a few tools, and here’s a quick summary of the services we can provide to your business:

  • SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO, a marketing strategy that describes a variety of actions that can be performed to increase your organic search results. In other words, SEO is strategic marketing through search engines. SEO begins with back-end website design, the development of a keyword strategy, branding and reputation management.
  • Social Media Marketing, and we don’t just mean creating a Facebook page to let it gather dust. We strategically approach social media marketing that can be tailored to our client’s specific needs. Not every business is the same, so obviously every business should apply the same strategy for social media marketing. Skillman Video Group is the Boston Production Company that understands which social networks to engage customers and clients on, and the unique approaches that work for unique business models.
  • Email Marketing, where we approach and develop an email marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and valuable for generating direct leads. When done properly, email marketing gives businesses the opportunity to offer something of value to new or existing customers throughout each stage of the buying process. Email marketing is not only cost-effective and effective, but it’s also highly measurable, simple to implement, and immediate.

Producing Top Marketing Videos

We are in the business of telling a great stories, which is why we are always eager to learn yours. Whether you need a video for external marketing purposes, or for purposes that are internal to your organization, we will help you develop your story into captivating, creative video.

Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 1-800-784-0140.