Brand Video Production

There are several ways to develop a company’s brand, and there are several companies that rely on the power of social media and its virility, which determines whether or not their brand has the power to make an impact. In light of this, the most effective method is to advertise through video marketing, not only for how inexpensive it is, but also because it has the power to give videos the unique qualities they need in order to become popular.

Importance of Video Marketing for your Business

The opportunity to market through video has led to more meaningful reactions from the audience. The visual communication leads to an emotional response, and engages viewers, inspiring them to react or build a relationship with the brand. Moreover, audience members are able to absorb information when it is visually presented, instead of a lengthy article. Forbes reported that there is a huge success in image centric networks and “micro-video.”

What is a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

As a response, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are quickly adapting their software for users to be able to post and share videos.

Video marketing is cost-effective to produce, especially when compared to the company value that is gained, the increased brand recognition, and the inevitability of the advertisement going viral. Video has the power to start a conversation, and users are motivated to share it, support it, but from it, and, most importantly, return to the site they first viewed it on.

There are thousands of people who browse YouTube every day, and the fact that the engine is the second most powerful, it has given startup companies the chance to become very successful when they post advertisements or corporate videos to their channel. It also makes the company accessible and personable, as viewers are able to inherently identify with a businesses’ message if it is visually and creatively presented to them.

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There are four videos that every company should consider producing. They include:

The Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business

In order to convey information about the company to an audience is to simply describe it to them. This can act as an introduction to the businesses, where the brand’s primary function is, and why a viewer should return to the site. If the company is selling a service or product, explaining its use and demonstrating how it works automatically makes the businesses an authority on the subject matter. This, in turn, develops a sense of customer loyalty and brand reliability. An Explanation Video also makes for easy SEO, which controls the site’s traffic and what the company wants the viewer to see.

Types of Marketing Videos

If a company wants to convey information without explicitly stating it, an interview is a smart alternative. The video can include actual business employees, which makes the overall experience more personable, and has the chance to truly resonate with the audience. In addition to including industry influencers or company members, the video can also include client testimonials who offer honest insight into the businesses’ products and services. This honest communication, and the chance to ask questions that lead to the interests and concerns of the audience being addressed, makes for a successful interview.

Brand Video Examples

With this category, the possibilities are virtually endless. Marketers can develop very successful campaigns that are engaging, informative, and unique to the brand. A creative video can be informative yet entertaining, and the company’s message can be demonstrated or communicated in a comedic, entertaining fashion. A benefit of this type of video marketing is that it creates a memorable experience for viewers, and they are more likely to build a lasting relationship with the company. Additionally, using creativity to explain complex concepts is more impactful than trying to explain it any other way.

Best Company Culture Video

Perhaps the most important type of video, a culture video allows for company employees to speak directly to the audience (which can consist of both potential clients or consumers) in a personal, casual way. The video can give an inside look into the company’s “culture” – which includes its employees, traditions, principles, and routine. This helps to build brand awareness, individuality, and overall identity. It also makes the company more approachable, a place where people are able to have their questions answered. While this video can be entertaining, it is important to keep an authentic atmosphere so that the businesses’ message is at the forefront of the advertisement.

The world of marketing and businesses is undoubtedly competitive. Personally branding a company so that a viewer is able to identify it is best done through video marketing, which gives companies the advantage they need over their rivals. The prevalence of the Internet has revolutionized advertising strategies, demonstrating that promoting a company online is extremely effective.