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Skillman Video Group is a multi-service Boston video production company dedicated to creating memorable and marketable video material for your business. Video production entails a lot of factors such as filming the actual media, editing, and producing the content. This is what the public perceives as the only resources that a production company can provide, but at SVG we take an extra step. We understand how important it is to stay relevant in the market so we help companies transform and develop in the media world. Telling your story in an effective and beneficial way to the world isn’t an easy task, which is why SVG is here to help with your corporate video idea needs.

Corporate videos are very popular in today’s age because it is an opportunity to give your potential audience an idea of who you are. There are many different types of corporate videos that can really exemplify the core values of a business. Several ideas that Skillman Video Group’s video production services can provide include professional material, client testimonials, corporate training video production, social media projects, and boosting SEO. All of these are important for creating a visual medium to excel your company’s presence in the marketing world.

Video Production Strategy

There are some steps that our video marketing company must follow when hired for a project.

  1. Make a plan before you start filming. This is the first and most crucial process when working on  corporate video production. Deciding on the budget, timeline, script, and audience are all necessary factors in this step because without identifying these elements the production can be disastrous. The client has to be honest with what they want from the production company and then it is up to the producer to evaluate the project. This is an important relationship to have since there is money, time, and effort all being expended. The company has to identify the audience because without this knowledge the video could flop and not be as effective as it needs to be. Defining whom the business wants to market with this video idea can provide the producer with better insight when creating a product for a specific campaign. Then the production team can assemble on the date scheduled to film and get going!
  2. When filming, a production company has a lot to keep in mind. Due to the growing age of social media and smart phone use, many videos are seen through devices that are no bigger than your hand. So what does this mean from a production standpoint for corporate videos? Well on smaller screens, close ups and steady camera movements are visually pleasing. This is another way excel at marketing in this years media times. Another thing for the producer to keep in mind while on set with our Boston video company is keeping the message in mind. Remembering the message and purpose for this production can help inspire along with motivating the cast and crew. Keeping positive vibes on set can really make a difference during a long production day.
  3. Great editing makes the major difference in how successful a video can be. The proper cuts and edits truly transform regular video clips into a viral sensation for a company. Clients want to see the best of the best so to ensure a happy customer, SVG’s Boston video production team creates a product that displays the message perfectly for marketing online. Researching keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) is another valuable asset to have to promote and market the final product to reach the audience desired.

Best Corporate Videos YouTube

A great example of a corporate video campaign is Ikea when they advertised their new 2015 catalogue which both provided both entertainment and something that makes them memorable.

Another fantastic example is how Hubspot directly talks to the audience and explains how they are changing the way they market to the public. This video is very inviting and educational for people who are interested in learning how to use their software.

Ideas for Corporate Videos

There are many ways to structure a corporate video, it all depends on what the client wants. With the variety of possibilities for video production, businesses need to have an idea of what they desire. Examples of video ideas include funny company stories, why we love our job, a day in the life, and client testimonials. All of these are attainable for a production company to make and get tons of traction through a media outlet such as Boston YouTube views. Anything that trends online is considered a success and the best way to get that is to be an genuine as possible. As a company, making a corporate video is your way to show the world what you stand for and how you present yourself. This is the opportunity to really capitalizing on a marketing campaign that be the face of the company. With a task as serious as this, one should trust the production company that holds the future of the company’s image. Skillman Video group is up for the task and ready to make a difference in your company’s next corporate video.

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