What Makes a Good Professional Video Production Company?

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Since the beginning of content distribution, video has been an exceptional way to tell a story. More personable and substantial than an article, video gives viewers a unique, palpable, and visual insight to a specific message, product, or service. Video is also a flexible medium because of how easily it can be distributed through various platforms, and how effectively it can be optimized. It is no secret that video production is the future, and will be what most businesses choose to market and develop their brand.

Top Video Production Company in New England

Before choosing a production company, it is important to have a clear message and branding strategy in order to reap the full benefits of video marketing. For a business, having a set of goals and creative concepts that effectively develop their brand is an important step in the creative process.

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Investing in a video production company is a weighty decision, but in the long run could be extremely cost effective and beneficial to the business’ brand identity. Most companies require payment up front, which is even more unpredictable due to the fact that the content has not yet been created. Here is what a company should look for:


Find the Most Recent Projects

  • Most companies should have a portfolio on hand. This is for the sake of potential clients to view and determine whether their style is fitting. The portfolio is often accessible through the company’s main website, and it gives insight into the quality of their content, and how much thought they put into its production.

Keep in Mind That the Finished Product Reflects the Initial Price

  • As stated before, investing in a production company is a big decision. However, the expense is worth it in the long run, as most marketing strategies pay off after they have been distributed. While maintaining a budget is necessary, hiring a professional video crew is the best strategy. Professional companies who have higher rates are justified by their confidence in their products. They have the resources and time to make a successful video.

Does the Portfolio Represent the Concept?

  • While an excellent portfolio and reviews are good signs, it is also good to keep in mind that the specific vision should be the first priority when it comes to promoting a business. The production company should be able to produce something along the lines of that concept. By looking at their portfolio, and by having a good grasp of their style, it can be determined if that company is a good fit.

How Will the Project Be Managed?

  • Does the production company brainstorm to match the vision? Do they hire a professional videographer and other crew members? Do they provide actors, or have access to a casting company? What type of equipment do they have? How thorough is their process of finding set locations? Do they edit?
  • All these questions should be asked to determine if the company can take care of every aspect. Moreover, the video should have good marketability, meaning that it should be able to be effectively distributed throughout the Internet. Marketing is just as important as production, and video is an effective tool in promoting a business. This success does not happen overnight, but instead takes a while to reach the widest audience possible.corporate video production company

Top Boston Video Production Company

SVG is regarded as one of the best video production companies in Boston and the greater New England area. In an article published by Sound & Vision Media, SVG is ranked #6. This is largely due to our variety of services, ranging from corporate video and live event production to brand consultation and social media dissemination. Our slogan “from concept to content,” emphasizes the process from a company’s idea, to tangible, distributable content. We believe that there are three essential steps that should be thoroughly carried out: a client must know, like, and trust the company they have entrusted to individualize their brand. These are the qualities that make SVG stand out, which in turn sets us apart from any other video production company. The brand is highlighted by personable qualities, making it very approachable and attractive for potential clients.

Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business

Boston, and New England in general, is a place where business, finance, and artistic expression are part of the culture. Startups are being formed every day, and well established companies are constantly looking to distinguish themselves. This is why video marketing is so important, because it allows for a business to tell their story, to develop and distribute their brand, and to become more prominent in their area.

What Makes a Good Video Production Company?

Finding the right company is dependent on several factors. Does their message interest you? Does their portfolio reflect the tone of the marketing strategy? Are they a good company to entrust a brand to? These questions can be answered by taking into account the following qualities that every video production company should have:

  • Experience & Efficiency: Is their production quality suitable to the company’s needs? Is their process efficient? Read reviews and look at their portfolio to see if their past projects are satisfactory and fitting.
  • Professionalism: In order to stay on schedule, wrap on time, and coordinate several crew members, the production company should maintain an organized and professional agenda which prioritizes the client and any pending deadlines.
  • Authenticity: A company that has developed a genuine, personable brand has a better chance of doing the same for another company’s brand.
  • Honesty: An honest production company will be straightforward about goal setting, realistic visions, and budgeting. It is important to work closely with them in order to make sure that all of these factors are taken into account.
  • Willingness to Compromise: Striking a balance between goal setting and the means to achieve those objectives require significant discussion and compromise in order to create a successful video campaign.
  • Creativity: Most importantly, a video production company needs to put forth creative ideas that will both effectively market a company’s brand while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

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