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Why should a company invest in making a corporate training video? Is production really the way to go when an organization wishes to teach new employees about daily work activity? There are a lot of benefits to making a corporate training video, so what really makes this type of media so applicable when teaching onboarding staff?

Corporate Training Video Production Strategy

Our brains respond very well to visual stimulation and retain that information a lot faster than just pictures or words. The picture superiority effect explains that we as humans remember 65% of what we have learned three days after the provided information. This is being compared to the 10% we retain when just looking at words or the 35% we retain when just looking at a picture, but when combined our brains retain that 65%. This is a great resource to recognize when thinking about ways to benefit the new staff an organization is going to be training. Video production services are a fantastic way to combine both visual and textual information to increase the chance that material will be stored in long-term memory.

Corporate Video Ideas

There are all types of structures for corporate video ideas when trying to train employees. A really fun thing to do, if it is affordable and in the budget for the company, would be to hire a guest speaker or a professional for the training video. Various companies have benefited from celebrity speakers because it makes the employee that much more interested in learning about the work and what they are saying. If someone was to have a guest speaker in their video production, who had some influence over others lives, that could really change the results of the training video influence.

Training Video Production Companies

There are many different types of videos to make when working on a corporate training video production. Every company has a different goal and message to send to the new employees of their workforce. This can change the structure of the video production along the general impression on the staff members. A company wants to have a video that not only represents the company but also the people that are working for them, so the video training the employees needs to emulate that same feeling. There are a few different ways to go about making these videos.

  1. Comedy
  2. Serious
  3. Demonstration
  4. Hired actor
  5. In house representative

Best Training Video Examples

These categories are not exclusive for one video. Many companies may choose to select several to benefit their video production needs. Comedy and hired actors are a common combination because maybe the CEO of the company cannot effectively deliver lines. Demonstration and serious training videos are common because a lot of the examples of work being shown on screen need to be taken professionally. All of these options are great for creating a corporate training video. A company wants to have their message clearly established through this training video production and with various methods of doing that, any organization will find the right fit for their employees.

Training Video Companies

Hearing the word “test” is never the most exciting thing for anyone of any age. But when it comes to a work and job environment, a test can be very beneficial to the new employees. This is an engaging way to make sure that the staff is being attentive to the information presented while watching their corporate training video. Watching a film and learning at the same time proves to be very effective with memory retention. With a properly filmed video, the audience can be engaged and eager to remember the information. By saying before the video starts that there will be a quiz or test after, the new employees will have an added reason to stay focused and work harder to retain the information.

Video Production Company Near Me

SVG has great examples with these types of corporate video ideas. As a Boston video production company, SVG is one of the top production companies in Boston and provides our clients with services ranging from video marketing to commercial training programs. This video below is an example of SVG’s work with a business that decided to hire an actor for their training video. Key tip: remember there has to be enough money in the budget to have paid actors.

Module 3 – Patient Engagement from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

Why Video Production?

So why would a company want to spend the extra money to make a video for their new employees to learn about the work they will be doing?

  1. It is a very cost effective media form to convey all the companies information.
  2. It can be a fun or serious video, which is up to the producer and client.
  3. The new employees will be more enticed to watch and learn.
  4. Testing the knowledge at the end can show how effective the video was for the new staff.
  5. Can save time and energy for training the new group and be just as efficient.

This is a cost effect method and a great substitute for in-class training. These videos can easily integrate into online training management tools and really boost your company’s standards. Making a corporate training video can benefit a company in so many ways, which is why Skillman Video Group is here to help.

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