Animate Your Business with Video Animation

No lights. No camera. No problem. Video Animation has grown increasingly attractive in the marketplace as an alternative to mainstream live-action videos and commercials. Computer graphics can be the perfect tool to illustrate the elaborate inter-working of a business and the products and services it offers. Unlike live-action content, animation allows for complete creative control. Anything is possible with the click of a mouse.

Animated Light BulbAt Skillman Video Group, we understand the growing importance of animation in the commercial realm. Viewers and consumers tend to engage quickly with the playful art of animated sequences that can turn complicated information into an easily accessible moving image. Take a look at a video Skillman Video Group designed for a start-up real estate company at the bottom of the page. SVG combined animation with direct live-action interviews to tell their story. The animated sequence along with voice-over narration allowed us to quickly illustrate how Spotlight Marketing operates differently than most other real estate companies. As a result, a consumer will be able to understand how their business works in a matter of minutes.

Animated Puzzle PiecesVideo Animation can also be enormously cost efficient for you and your business. Even using the most advanced digital animation software available can still cost considerably less than the expenses of actors, video equipment, locations, insurance, and other fees associated with live-action video production.

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