B2B Video Production

First Things First: What Is B2B Marketing?

Business to Business Marketing, as opposed to B2C (Business to Consumer) identifies other businesses as the audience. Marketing to other businesses is very different from a consumer oriented platform, because your demographic will be looking for different things, mainly:

  • Highly efficient and reliable products
  • Strong personal relationships

In this type of market it won’t be a single person browsing your website and adding products to their cart. Typically, an entire unit or department will be making the decisions on what to buy meaning the product will be under intense speculation and will need more research to back up its credibility that cannot be hidden with flashy advertising as in a B2C market. In fact, it is very important to keep in mind that consumers are far more likely to make impulse buys or not compare products against each other. This will not be the case in B2B marketing.

Businesses will buy in larger volumes than consumers though, meaning that a small list of clients can translate into large percentages of your output. This makes maintaining strong personal relationships with the clients very important as it will secure steady business for years. These partnerships become even more crucial when remembering that the B2B market is smaller than a consumer based market, so holding onto these clients is imperative.

These businesses are not looking for a constant stream of innovations, making sub brands less effective. Generally innovations should only be considered when matching competitors, but for the most part your clients are looking for a reliable product that they can count on. Making sure that your product is teeming with credibility involves more than just a finely tuned product and analysis however, it also means presenting your company in the most professional way possible.

B2B marketing is a skill that involves carefully selecting how you will be viewed by buyers. Here is a great article that outlines some strong B2B marketing techniques.

Why Do Video?

Business video marketing is extremely effective because images have the unique power to form connections with the audience more than text can. Because establishing strong relationships with the client is so important, video is by far the best option when inviting buyers to consider you. Buyers are looking to work with people that they will associate with for years to come. The presentation needs to be more than appealing and the product needs to be more than interesting. Convincing your audience that your services are not simply a solution but an integral improvement to their platform is how you begin “courting” them, in a way. Vidyard recently posted an article about five well executed video business advertisements. These concepts were created knowing what B2B clients are looking for and how they would respond.

Furthermore, video adds that personal touch to whatever you are trying to say. Seeing the faces of the company, the people who do the work, and the people who care–this is is the first step in establishing a long lasting relationship between two companies. First impressions are always extremely important and video allows you more control over how your business will be perceived.

Crafting Video Content for B2B Marketing

There are many different ways to approach creating a video for B2B Marketing, but here are some of the most important factors to consider when making a truly effective one:

  • Length
  • Character
  • Product

The video should be short, usually under two minutes. A ten minute video that drones on about a product or service is not only likely to lose the interest of the viewer, but it also displays a lack of creativity or draw. If your business is worth investing money in then you should be able to capture the audience’s attention enough for them to learn more on their own. If there is simply too much necessary information to fit into one video, consider making a series of small web videos that the viewer can browse though rather than be subjected to.

The character of the video is also pertinent to enticing other businesses to work with you. Is it informative or boring? Eloquent or pretentious? Funny or unprofessional? Capturing the character of your company and portraying it in your video is how you offer up a sample of how you do business. Whether your company produces accounting software or laundry chemicals it is important to show the passion behind it. If the video is able to reveal the hard work and drive behind the name then other businesses will want to work with you. Many companies will go for a humorous approach if they are having trouble making their product sound exciting or “sexy.” As long as the information is extrapolated and relevant this is a great way to form a connection with the audience.

Finally, the product or service being offered needs to be explained in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the audience but gives them a clear comprehension of what your business does and how it could be an indispensable addition to their team. Again, the minute details aren’t especially important in this stage of the game. The broad overview that incites interest to learn more is what you are trying to achieve here.

While B2B Marketing is different from the consumer based arena, the type of business video you produce is still an integral part of how you sell yourself. Considering how you want others to see your company, and even how your company sees itself is essential for shaping the brand. Hiring a professional video production company to discover and mold your brand is the industry standard for a professional and effective presentation of your company.


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