How can businesses benefit from Client Testimonial Videos?

Client Testimonials – TimePayment Corporation from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo

When thinking of a type of video that your business could really benefit from you should consider a client testimonial video.

Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company, was hired by TPC to produce client testimonial videos to be used for their social media campaigns and at trade shows.  A client testimonial video is ideal for any company for many reasons.  When offering a service the best way to engage customers is by informing them of past success, and who else is better to advertise your successes then past clients. In this video, Skillman Video Group was able to interview a current and happy  client of TPC. He told of his experience working  with TPC and using their financial products and how it has helped him improve business. This gives the customer watching a real-life example of how our client can work with other businesses.

The best way client testimonial videos can help your business is by having customers see the impact you have on other businesses (as you can see TPC has had on their client). There are companies that have a client testimonial page on their website, but it is in written form which can turn a person away if its too much to read. These type of videos also help your customers understand what exactly your company does, and how your company can help their business in  a short amount of time. A client testimonial video adds emotion, passion, and a face to all your different clients. Client testimonial videos can also be shared through different social media avenues and can also be used in your email marketing campaign so they have many different uses.

Take a look at our other client videos in the SVG portfolio, and you will see how much work our professional Boston videographers put into making high quality videos for our clients. You might get an idea of what you may want to do for your business. It is our mission, here at Skillman Video Group to bring your video ideas to reality. Our professional video producers will help you create unbelievable video content that will engage more of your customers and hopefully create new ones.

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