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Client Testimonial Video Production from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

Skillman Video Group is a Boston corporate video production company that specializes in producing corporate videos and developing marketing plans through cost-efficient, industry-standard methods. Our portfolio showcases the variety of video formats that we typically work in to turn our client’s concepts into marketable content. Whether your business is looking for brevity in the form of short 30 second pieces, or lengthier content to demonstrate a product’s purpose, Skillman Video Group can produce stunning videos for your business’s marketing needs.

Client testimonials historically are one of the longer formats that we work in, and have been tremendously successful in communicating the value of our client’s products.

At first glance, many viewers bring a myriad of assumptions to a client testimonial video. Viewers expect, “okay, a talking head will pop up, tell me how great this business is, and then I can get on with my day.” But, we don’t traffic in the blasé at Skillman Video Group. We create innovative, visually compelling content that communicates the story, ethos and values of your business.

The client testimonials that we have produced exemplify not only the value of our client’s businesses, but present your business in a professional, visually compelling manner to serve as an ambassador of your business’s branding. Your business sets the tone for the client testimonial, and it’s our job to transform that tone into stylish, moving images to reinforce your business’s professional values.

If you haven’t already done so, then check out the video at the top of this page. Our client was the software company whose logo runs at the top of the video, not the subject of the interview. But, the audience hopefully gets a good sense of the value that our client provides, and also how our client’s product can actively make life and the workday easier.

Contextualizing purpose is a huge advantage of the client testimonial. Stating your product or business’s purpose is standard, and isn’t necessarily a negative way to present a product. For example, say that your business makes software that connects all of the appliances in an office to a smartphone. Your business could market this software through a static banner add that states “Control Your Office, Through Your Phone,” which could be interpreted in a million different ways. What does controlling your office really mean?

With a client testimonial video, your product or service is contextualized and given purpose through powerful visual representation. Not only can the audience clearly see your business’s product, but they are shown a context for its proper use. For example, let’s consider the appliance control software that we touched on earlier.

A breakdown of the client testimonial for this video could look something like the following.  The video begins by demonstrating variety of applications that could be synced to the software including lights, computers, and kitchen appliances. These functions are demonstrated through an interview with a customer who avidly uses this software. The video then proceeds to show a wider variety of uses, and software updates over the course of the software’s lifetime. Our video has contextualized the software and the tagline “Control Your Office,” in a way that effectively demonstrates the product’s purpose.

Now, contextualizing a product or service obviously is not the only purpose of the client testimonial. One of the other main purposes is to provide, well, actual testimony from clients. Testaments to the value and convenience of your business’s product or service line serve as the backbone for the client testimonial. Everything in the client testimonial video will be framed from the perspective of a client who truly appreciates your business’s product. Who better to vouch for your business than the people who directly benefit from it?

Client Testimonial Videos from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

Above, you will see another example of the format and purpose of the client testimonial video. Client testimonials translate the experiences of valued customers into a marketing tool that most accurately portrays your business’s value.

We are a team of Boston based videographers, producers, and post production professionals who are committed to creating excellent content for video marketing. A video production company such as ours does not become Boston’s premier video production company overnight. Ascending to that title requires diligent commitment and an ongoing investment in relationships with our clients.

Thinking about new, unique formats for Client testimonials has invariably proven to be interesting. What if we created a client testimonial that actively showed the use of a product, or what if we structured an interview from the perspective of unintended uses for a product? The interesting quality of Client Testimonials is that they can be framed from a huge number of different perspectives.

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