Boston Digital Video Editing

The advantages of video are no secret; video can transform your website, marketing campaign, and brand identity, while vastly improving your web presence and search engine rankings. Once you have made the choice to reap the rewards of video for you site, blog, brand, or marketing campaign, you then need to decide how to get it done. 

Shooting video gracefully is an art in itself. Not everyone has the skills, expertise, experience, or finesse to do the job right, however everyone watching will be able to tell the difference. It’s important to choose a videographer that understands the nuances of video and who has that subtle touch, able to bridge the gap between good and exquisite — but it doesn’t end there.

Once the video is captured and the shoot is all said and done, the raw video footage then needs to be edited. This can mean removing any unnecessary parts, the mistakes of an actor or speaker, or any less than desirable moments throughout a live event shoot, for example. Digital video editing can add eye catching motion graphics, animation, color correction, pin-point accuracy audio syncing, voice clarification, background music or audio effects, and seamless cuts and transitions. If you can imagine it, it can be done.


Why is it nesecary to use a professional video production company rather than make a video in-house? Using professional video editing on your company’s website provides an opportunity to make an excellent first impression on potential clients. In order to do this, however, your video must be of the highest quality. Every component, from the script to the lighting to the sound effects, must be executed perfectly. Doing so will project an air of distinction about your company, and will make viewers more likely to purchase your products and services. Hiring experienced video editing professionals, such as the Skillman Video Group team, is the only way to ensure that your video will come out looking the way you want it to.

In order to best serve our customers, we stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the field of video editing. We use the latest in nonlinear digital-editing technology, including software such as Final Cut Pro, Motion and DVD Studio Pro. Each piece of the project, including the script, raw footage, voice over, music, graphics, and special effects, come together in the editing room. Our team of editors is skilled at creatively utilizing scene transitions, music, graphics, and special effects to exhibit your firm and your product in the most flattering light. This meticulous effort results in an exemplary final product that will be sure to impress your customers.


So what does opting for a video production company get me? Professional videographers and digital video editors can make all the difference. To list a few reasons;

  • Professionals can digitally edit video much faster
  • Professionals have cutting edge digital video editing tools at their disposal
  • Complex graphics, animation, and other effects can be added as requested
  • Precision color and audio correction are standard
  • Transitions, cuts, and stylized effects become possible

Most of all however, a professional digital video editor can take a raw jumble of B-role footage and, like a poet with words, artfully fit each piece together ever so thoughtfully, with an end result that tells a story and conveys meaning, crafted compellingly and without seeming forced. Professional video editors know how to craft a story. It’s in the editing room where raw footage becomes a story. From this comes a video that is as beautiful as it is effective, and Skillman Video Group’s digital video editing expertise understands how to unify both form and function so that they become one.


Speed is relevance. Editing video can be a cumbersome process. If you want a video that is edited beautifully, incorporates swift cuts, seamless transitions, and eye catching effects or animation, AND you want it all done in a timely manner, Skillman Video Group can provide you the best of both worlds.

The world is becoming faster. If your live event, expertise, how-to, or marketing video isn’t ready and able to be consumed by your clients or viewership in a timely manner, the video becomes less effective. Producing video in a timely fashion isn’t only about the content within the video staying fresh and relevant, but that it’s distribution during a time of opportunity isn’t missed. For example, a marketing video for a plumbing company that is explaining how to properly weatherize your pipes for a cold winter needs to be finished and distributed just before and/or during the cold months of winter, otherwise it looses it’s effectiveness. Skillman Video Groups professional video editors have the experience and skill to process huge amounts of video in a short time span.

For example, Skillman Video Group was approached by Vanessa O’Brien, an incredible woman who conquered the “Explorers Grand Slam” which includes successfully climbing the tallest peak of each continent (there are seven) AND make it to both The North and The South Pole. Vanessa did this within one year, the first woman to ever accomplish such a  timely feat. As she went forward with her irrefutably ambitious plans, she carried with her a GoPro camera, recording segments of her hikes, climbs, and nomadic life. This, as you might imagine, racked up some serious hours of footage. When Vanessa needed it cut down to an engaging and attractive 10 minute video within a weeks notice, it was Skillman Video Group she turned to and is was Skillman Video Group who got the job done. 


The world is also becoming evermore video-literate. Videos that used to make the cut simply do not succeed anymore. Audiences are becoming much more video savvy and can detect poor execution from a mile away. And with the viewers perceptive detection of anything sub-par, they are left with a lackluster impression of your company. The standard for video is always rising, so you need to know your video won’t only make the cut but be ahead of the curve. Not only do the graphics, animation, cuts, transitions, et cetera need to be of excellent quality, the composition of the video in its entirety has to be clever, compelling, succinct, beautiful, and effective. The story needs to be properly developed, the effects need to work with the story as it unfurls, the tone needs to compliment every moments purpose. With so many variables and dimensions of a truly gorgeous and powerful video, it takes a true professionals’ creative wit and tested expertise to deliver real results.

Skillman Video Groups’ professional Boston video editors can do a multitude of videos types. Here are a few examples of projects we’ve had in the past:

Live Event Video — When your company is hosting or involved in a particular live event such as an awards ceremony, concert, speaking event, or otherwise, Skillman Video Group has the best Boston videographers and Boston digital video editors to capture the magic of the moment and produce it to it’s full, effective, and beautiful potential. 

Client Testimonial Video — Who better to vogue for your company than some of your own clients? When you want a video that can demonstrate your company’s validity, trustworthiness, and support your claims of quality right from the mouth of a satisfied client, you become more trustworthy and desirable to others. All the while, these videos can also convey product or service details and your brands identity and philosophy. To be sure your video will be as beautiful and cohesive as possible, Skillman Video Group is sure to deliver. 

Marketing Video — These videos have to be extra on point, succinct, and compelling, otherwise they loose their purpose. They need to be short in time as to not ramble and loose a viewers attention, they need to convey every important note in an instantly digestible, interesting, and entertaining fashion, and they need to look the part as they are perceived as a direct representation of your company. If you want a marketing video that hits all the marks, let us at Skillman Video Group impress you. 

Videomercials — Videomercials can be less structured than a hardcore marketing video, but the effect is very similar. There is a clear purpose that they must adhere to, and loosing that can mean a video that under-performs. When finesse and wit are desired, it’s Skillman Video Group that’ll deliver. 

Interview Video — A good way to promote your company, provide entertainment and information, and become part of a larger conversation; interview videos are an powerful piece in your video content tool box. Personable, approachable, interesting, and sincere, when you want the full effect of what an interview video has to offer, Skillman Video Groups’ crew of Boston videographers and professional Boston digital video editors cannot be beat. 

Product Demonstration or How-To Video — A great way to become part of a conversation is to answer questions clients or possible future clients may be asking online by creating product demonstration or how-to videos. When you need detailed graphic tables or charts, involved technical explanations, clear and digestible instruction based pictures or animated models, you need a top-notch digital video editor, Skillman Video Group is just that. Whichever video it is that suits your needs best, we at SVG will be able to fine tune it to your exact specifications with out talented Boston digital video editors. 


There are many factors that go in to creating the perfect video. Having an intelligent script, skillful camera and audio work, and seasoned producing and directing are crucial aspects to making a video successful. But perhaps the most important piece, the place where all of this comes together to form a coherent story is during the editing process.

When combining the technical knowledge and skill with creativity and craftsmanship, the choices editors make can affect the overall tone of the piece and what emotions they want to evoke, create rhythm and timing, and transform the raw material into a cohesive final product.

For Skillman Video Group, editing is where the footage we shoot is molded into a story.  It is important to realize what you are trying to convey with your video and after revisiting the initial script, editing lets you trim the information into a concise and clear message.  Working with many different types of clients with varying needs, our videos are tailor made to fit the style and intentions of those that use our services. SVG strives to create unique and exciting videos that will entice customers to believe in your company.

See what a difference a professional Boston video production company can make. Call 1-800-784-0140 or email