Boston Interview Videos

Interview Videos – Popular Mechanics Magazine from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

Depending on the content your company seeks to share, an interview video can be a great way to add character, personality, and story to your site.

Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company, was hired by Popular Mechanics Magazine to shoot and edit an interview for the annual “Hackathon” by Radio Shack. If you’re a fan of Popular Mechanics or the “Artisans Asylum” (of whom the interview was of) or even a casual visitor of the Popular Mechanics website – this video will capture your attention. If the content is relevant or interesting to you, you’re going to think this video is fun, friendly, interesting, aesthetically appealing, and informative – and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

Interviews put a face to a company or a site. They convey personality, intellect, context, even a warmth – that otherwise isn’t as easily or readily conveyed via other mediums. It’s of utmost importance that the content is of poignance to your site or company, though beyond that, the right aesthetic and tone can offer an unparalleled opportunity to convey a particular intangible quality that, if done correctly, can increase the legitimacy and connection to your company, brand, or site.

Give a gander to our other client videos in the SVG portfolio and you’ll quickly gain a sense of the top quality of work we do – and perhaps get another idea for a video of your very own. It’s why Skillman Video Group is Boston’s premier video production company and as our clients often claim, everyones favorite Boston videographer. If you want to propel your company, brand, or website to the next level, video is your vessel, let Skillman be your sails.

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