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Video: The most engaging and effective form of media

Skillman Video Group, LLC is a Boston video production company specializing in a broad scope of video production services. Whether it’s live event videography, producing strategic marketing videos, or creating product demonstration or how-to videos, SVG runs the gamut.  Our clients are based in not just the Boston area but throughout all of New England and beyond.

Skillman Video Group hires only the best Boston videographers for the job with years of experience with corporate and broadcast video production. They’re highly trained in areas of  HD video production, audio, lighting, set design, and bring a broadcast level of professionalism to every project.

More than that, our Boston videographers are able to carefully direct the talent on screen, making our clients feel more comfortable, confident, and natural in what is sometimes a very unnatural situation! By creating a friendly, stress free environment, our clients are able to relax and focus on what is really important – delivering their lines!

Our production crews at SVG (we have several) are true artisans who care about their work and the quality of the final product and the experience the client has on set. For any video, be it a marketing video for your website or a live event video that captures a moment in time, SVG’s professional videography expertise is sure to impress.

Live event videography and live event video production

Capturing an award ceremony, a musical or theatre performance, streaming a live debate via web casting platform over the internet or broadcast outlets – these can be useful, beautiful, and memorable videos that engage viewers and draw attention to your event. It is possible to be done by oneself, in house. However, live events are just that; live. And as we’re sure you’re aware, you only have one shot to get it right. When you want a videographer who can trouble shoot without skipping a beat, multiple camera angles, superb audio fidelity, like-you-were-there visual quality, seamless and artful video editing and post production – all done by some of the most experienced Boston videographers there are – you’ll find a friend in Skillman Video Group.

But, there’s not just live event videography. Though we at Skillman have been saying this for years, it’s now becoming widely acknowledged; video is the best form of media. Engaging, compelling, entertaining, rich, and informative — video wins gold in all categories. And, second only to face-to-face interactions, video is the best medium to cultivate the ever so elusive human connection. As brands and businesses become evermore refined and competitive, the once negligible details become of monumental importance in distinguishing your brand. Consumers and business alike are growing more savvy and looking to the subtle and intangible for insight. It is in this realm where video prevails.


So, you want to create a video of your own, but you’re not sure where to begin. First, you need to decide what sort of video suits your needs best.

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Expertise Videos — Don’t simply answer questions, become the answer. Google and other search engines are becoming evermore tuned to answering questions as though they’re being asked in human conversation, such as “where can I find the best corporate video services near me?” It’s good to cater to this trend for all of your content, however when you create videos around this idea it becomes of particular usefulness. Say you own a store that sells car parts, a good market to cater to is people who want to fix or customize their cars. Instead of speaking to a customer when he or she is in need of parts, get ahead of the game and start the conversation sooner with an expertise video. Essentially, create a video that answers a question that your customer base might have before ever looking for the part, such as “how can I change my own oil at home?”. When this common car maintenance question is googled, your video will come up. These days, watching short videos that instruct or explain things are becoming more popular than reading long online manuals or how-to’s, so there’s a good chance they will click on your Expertise Video and listen to your answer. If it’s well crafted, informative, and useful, they might have already begun to feel more comfortable with your brand. At the end of the video, you can declare that your store is happy to help. This begins the conversation sooner and gives you a head start over your competition.  Using a professional Boston videographer will help take of the pressure off you to both be crew and star of your expertise videos.  They can also help you by giving you gentle coaching so you look and sound your best in every take.  Not to mention that professional HD video production equipment is expensive and difficult to use without proper training.  So let our video production crews help with all the technical “stuff” while you focus on what really matters…running your business.


IMG_0782Marketing VideoShort, sweet, and to the point.  A marketing video is more or less a commercial video, or what we here at Skillman Video Group like to call Brand Videos. These can vary in length, strategy, and content, but most of the time you’ll be looking at something that is about 2-3 minutes long, strategically crafted to promote your brand, and leaning toward a heavy pitch of your goods, services, or brand. Because they’re meant to be interesting and compelling, Brand Videos usually take a significant amount of time to conceive, plan, script, set up, shoot, and edit – but the benefits are important and worthwhile. Having a marketing video on your homepage ups your websites credibility and professionalism, it also helps new visitors quickly engage with your tone and intentions. Brand Videos are readily sharable via your companies social media channels and nurtures customer engagement. They are multi-purpose and and can be endlessly customized and tailored to fit your business like a glove.


Interview VideosConversational, approachable, and informative. Has your business, service, or product been apart of a noteworthy event or project? An interview video might be just the thing for you. Interview videos prevail in their simplicity and conversational appeal, allowing whomever interested an insight into an event, project, initiative, experience, or even a struggle your business had. The light and airy tone of two or more people conversing in an interview format is something viewers are used to and is a great way to convey information about your business, provide perspective into your company workings and philosophy, and so on. Video content is always good to have, this might be a great way to increase your sites video rankings. Our Boston based videographers will be able to come to your place of business, and bring the entire set with them from the lighting to the microphones to the video cameras.  They are also able to rearrange office furniture so the interview can look its very best.  Our video production crews are very skilled at creating something beautiful from out of the most ordinary of offices or conference rooms and have the skills to over come any number of obstacles on set.


Client Testimonial VideosSuccess stories are the best stories. This is a powerful tool in the video marketers tool box. Simply gather one or more of your very satisfied clients and interview them. Ask them what it was your company did for them that was so useful and why they’d choose you again over the competition. Include a somewhat in-depth explanation of the predicament your client was in and how your company helped them beyond the ability of any other. This approach has multi-faced benefits; Your company comes across as all the more legitimate when being vouched for by a third party client, the video doubles as an explanation as to what your company does and what services or goods it provides, important tones and company philosophy can be conveyed, and it is just another piece added to your online video content arsenal.  Our Boston videographers can be booked out months in advance to come to your clients’ place of business and shoot these testimonial videos with as little time and hassle as possible for your clients.  We know how important it is to maintain good relationships with your clients and we will do everything possible to be sure your good relations are maintained if not heightened!    

Product demonstration / How-to videos — A picture says a thousand words. And video? Not to be confused with Expertise Videos, though Product Demonstration or How-To Videos have a similar usefulness. Use these videos if you want to become apart of the conversation. People will watch because they are interested in having a question of theirs answered or want an interactive review of your product or service that transcends mere black and white text. These videos provide an opportunity to showcase your products’ or services’ brilliance, recruit consumers to your brand by answering questions they may have had, cultivate brand awareness and resonance, and last but not least, add to your sites video content arsenal.  


Positioning and delivery; How to promote and broadcast your message

Once you have your video made and ready to go, it’s time to get it out there! There are a few ways to do this and it’s important you choose the best avenue.

Social mediaA great way to shoot the video out to the world is through your social media accounts. This is a great way to remind your clients, customers, or other interested parties about your brand, and it even has the potential to cultivate new followers by means of current followers sharing your content. That is the beauty of social media – when done properly, it can be self perpetuating, so it is wise to be savvy and use this to your advantage.

It’s also important to keep in mind which social media outlets you are posting through. Twitter for example, has a very different format and culture than pinterest. Facebook and Googe+ allow for more longwinded posts, explanations, and comments, where as Twitter and Instagram do not. Know the culture of each outlet and post accordingly to maximize effectiveness of your video.

Website integration — Do you have a blog? You should include your video through your blog page. Depending on the video, you can embed it in your home page, making your site look more professional. Do you do email blast or newsletters? Video has the potential to raise engagement and click-through rates. If you have enough videos, you can dedicate whole webpages to them, like a “product demonstrations” page or a “client testimonials” page. This increases your brands legitimacy and pedigree while transforming your site to a more engaging and compelling experience. You can even create landing pages around your videos for the purposes of SEO, which we will talk about more below.

SEO for your video — SEO (or search engine optimization) is one step you do not want to neglect. SEO is the practice of making your content searchable and relevant to search engine algorithms so that they can easily access your content when related quires are searched for and thus increase your sites exposure, visibly, and rankings. When your video is optimized properly, it becomes more accessible to searchers and it means your name will be seen before the competition. This is an endeavor that never ends and is constantly changing, however diligence and persistence will prove fruitful.

Skillman Video Group is unique because we don’t only specialize in video production, we specialize in marketing as well! We see video as the future, and the better integrated that is into a marketing strategy and the online ecosystem, the more powerful that video becomes. If you want help with not only only creating your video but marketing it too, we provide the most comprehensive and seamless synergy from video to marketing, from concept to content — we are here to help!


Maintaining and growing your online presence

Lastly, but not least — One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party. When it comes to video, the same applies. One is great, and it’s an important step toward evolving your online content strategy. Two is even better, diversifying your online video content and making your site ever more engaging and relevant. Three, though, is where everyone wants to be.

This isn’t exactly because the more content you have the more legitimate your site seems, because in some cases too much can result in your site feeling crowded and convoluted. When we say more is better, we mean this in a strategic way. The videos need to be distributed on a periodical basis, this is where they gain their strength. Every six months, every three months, every month, every two weeks, even every week – produce a video and distribute it through to your blog and social media outlets.

This cultivates brand awareness, reminds clients and customers that you’re there, reinforces your brand identity, and is the key to building a fully formed online presence. Slow and steady wins the race, so take your time and be consistent. It’s both about quantity and quality, with respect to time. Keep these tips in mind and in a few months you’ll be glad.

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