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CEO Video Marketing

There is an up-and-coming form of video in the corporate world: the CEO Video. This type of video consists of a CEO or a person from higher-up management within a company speaking to clients, customers, investors, businesses, consumers, or its own employees. They can be speaking about anything for any length of time, although it’s usually on the shorter side. This video is a way for companies to put faces to their names and help people connect with them on a more personal level.


These videos are:


CEO Videos are all about intimacy. The CEO/manager is the sole focus of the video. There may be some footage or slides used, but for the most part, it’s just the CEO and the camera. The camera will be focused on the CEO in a Medium Close-Up, or shooting a Wide on one camera while the other captures the Close-Up. The more angles and positions can mean more options in post, but you really want to keep the shoot as simple and easy as possible. The same goes for the post-production. A Medium Close-Up is all you really need, especially if the video is on the shorter side of 1-2 minutes.



This means that the shoot will be fast and easy. You will need, at most, two cameras, a few lights, and the correct audio equipment to get the job done. Since these videos have a set purpose going in, the CEO should have no problem saying what he or she wants without a script present. A script or teleprompter can be used, but for reasons of authenticity, it’s better for the CEO to speak without that kind of assistance. It just feels more genuine and will come across that way if the CEO just speaks from the heart.



Thanks to the speed of the shoot, the video will not take long to come together in post-production. These videos provide a quick turnaround speed that allows you to send them out to both the client and the desired audience in a timely fashion. This holds particularly true if the information is time-sensitive. These videos are meant to be quick and simple anyway. You want to make them seem effortless and be able to have a few to throw on your website at any given time to help with traffic, promotion, or as a means of answering certain FAQs.



We are in a digital age, and video surrounds us in all avenues. CEO Videos are a thing of the future, a newer means of communicating information in a more human way. It’s better to get the CEOs or managers comfortable speaking in front a camera now rather than later. They can work out the kinks and get used to the idea of speaking conversationally with a lens pointed at them.

Also, speaking to the benefits, people aren’t necessarily expecting these videos at the moment, but they tend to be a hit when they do come up. People respond positively to these videos and appreciate the effort that the companies are making. Since they’re newer, they also give your company an edge over those that don’t try to go this route. The more of these videos that you produce, the better you’ll understand where they best fit and how to use them properly for your company.



IMG_2517SVG has worked with Clough Capital Partners, L.P. to give them their own CEO Video. They chose to focus on “Frequently Asked Questions,” in which the CEO stood in front of his office window (showcasing the beautiful Boston skyline) and answered questions that many investors have been asking recently. The production took only four hours to set up, shoot, and break back down. There wasn’t a lot of equipment or extravagance – it was just the CEO connecting with his investors, using the camera as his tool.

We’ve also produced a different style of CEO Video in which we recorded a keynote address that a CEO was giving at a talk in Boston. This video could then be shared and made visible to any and all interested parties. Just like the other one, the shoot was fast and simple and also allowed for a quick turnaround. With the videos being so up-close and personal, not much work is needed in post to get the job done.


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