Content Marketing

Who'd Have Thunk?

Content marketing isn’t just a marketing strategy, it’s an all-encompassing marketing philosophy. From the get go, back in the late 90’s, online marketing has been plagued with tricks, ploys, and schemes. It’s 2014 and the internet is now just becoming more mature, and in our collective adolescence, a new idea has begun to gain traction; quality and honesty. Who’d have thunk?

At the end of the day, websites reside within an artificial realm.

Search engines operate on a set of rules, and these rules have hiccups, loopholes, and oversights. Web designers and web marketers quickly figured out how to manipulate this system, and the web became a slew of Darwinian protoplasm fighting for its chance to succeed, honest or otherwise. It was in this embryonic stage that methods now considered as black hat SEO came about. Methods such as as keyword stuffing, link farming, plagiarizing content, and comment spamming were all the rage.


These tactics worked for a while, but Google’s success as a relevant and successful search engine depends upon their ability to deliver reliable and useful results to their users, so Google decided to fight back. Google went through an era of combating the onslaught of manipulative SEO tactics, and rolled out new algorithms and filters that drastically affected SEO’s ability to exploit and manipulate. What was left was a few strict guidelines as to what web marketers are allowed to do, and a lot of what they’re not (and would consequently be penalized for).


The set of Google approved guidelines is now known as white hat SEO and can be found specifically outlined in Google’s SEO best practices. Though modern day white hat SEO strategy is still downright necessary, SEO’s are beginning to realize that it isn’t the whole picture. After all, SEO is just the methodology to which one identifies their website, and neglecting to realize the importance of both the SEO portion and the websites actual quality is a shortsighted mistake.

This brings us to content marketing.

It’s become widely known that content marketing is the true way to go. It’s not about conning people into clicking on your site link, and it’s not about deceiving the search engines that provide results to people. You need strong content, you need to capture people, you need to engage people, you need to excite and inform and teach and inspire people. Welcome to the web 2.0. Give yourself those great keywords that you want to be found for, but also back them up with excellent content that, when a user lands on your site, will inspire them and encourage them to really actually want to use your business. Be honest! Tricks and schemes work for a while, but they crumble quickly. Employ a set of sustainable long term SEO tactics and pair that with the best content you can possibly muster.


What is great content?

It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s beautiful and elegant. It’s clever and witty. It’s long, in-depth, and informative. It’s professional. It’s lighthearted. It’s you – nothing more, and nothing less. Now, express yourself. Get their attention. Write exquisitely, build your content both beautifully and functionally. Have a clear purpose for each piece of content, and remember that, as we at SVG like to say, brevity is the soul of wit. But this isn’t just limited to the written word. Diversify. Beautiful, compelling, and effective writing is extremely important. This will build the tone of your website and your business, so make sure it’s deliberate, clear, and on point. But, content marketing comes in many forms and many mediums. Fantastic writing is excellent, but you have to bring a viewer in first, you have to convey that you’re worth their time. This is where beautiful and captivating web designs, pictures, and video come into play.


The video boost.

We all know why beautiful pictures are great, but don’t forget video either. Video, as opposed to text or pictures, is both visual and audial. It can convey the nuances of your brand, business, or company within a matter of seconds, and it has the potential to transform your brand image and captivate an audience on a much larger scale.


The studies and statistics are all there, and we could rattle them off one by one: Video above the fold on your website, even if it’s never watched or played, increases conversion rates, average time spent on website, and brand trust. Video on your site when watched increases conversion rates even more, and frivolous viewers will remember your brand and your message far stronger and for much longer than if they had just read text on your site. The studies proving the power of video are endless.


Once your site begins to gain some hits, Google will decide your site must be doing a good job. They then rank you a little higher, because after all, if your site is working for people, we want them to have access to it. Your site won’t work for people on a consistent basis if they’re not getting much from it. Make it work for them. Once people begin sharing your site, referring others, writing about your site, finding your video or links to particular pages in other reputable areas around the web, Google will realize that you’re worth their time and everyone else’s. Prove to Google you’re worth people’s time and Google will reward you for it. That’s the thing about content marketing, it’s really no different than SEO, it’s just the rules have changed.


Content is King.

Content marketing is the crazy idea that businesses will benefit from rich, diverse, beautiful, compelling, effective, honest, and on-point content. As we enter a new era of the internet, the weak ideas of the past are being weeded out, and the strong underlying fundamental principles are only gaining strength. Get your website and your business ahead of the game and focus on healthy content marketing. It’s a constant effort and will not provide instant gratification, but it’ll sustain you, grow you, and lead to the potential that is waiting to be tapped. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.