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At some point we have all started a new job. No matter what the job is there will most likely be a training period where you learn the ins and outs of your new company. A lot of places will just give you a handbook with a bunch of papers to sign. Most people just sign the papers without reading the handbook and go on with their day. Then at some point in the future, somebody will guide you by saying, “Well it was in the handbook!” and then you look like a fool. Ok, it probably won’t be that bad, but would you say that being trained that way is effective? I didn’t think so either. That is why when you have your own company you should consider a corporate training video production to show all your new employees. Training videos are an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.

Must Have Features for Best Corporate Training Videos

Why hire a corporate video production company to film a training video? Glad you asked! The answer is simple. Video is a visual medium. I know that may sound obvious but there is a reason why books are made into movies and not the corporate video production companyother way around. People are more apt to absorb what they are learning by seeing it in action rather than reading it from a page. If you do the work of bringing your concepts to life, your staff will do their work properly. Another benefit to a corporate training video production is cost. Sure, you aren’t filming the video for free, but once it is finished, you do not have to spend another penny. If you relied on another form of training you may have to pay multiple times for the same service. This is especially true if you are a worldwide corporation. If you are training people in multiple locations all over the world, what do you think will be more cost effective? Sending trainers out to all corners of the globe while paying for their accommodations? Or just simply making a copy of a training video that you can then send via email?

Top Corporate Video Ideas

When coming up with your corporate video ideas, it is important to think of the most effective way to get your message across. Be sure that your video has a purpose. Try to find a balance between useful information and entertainment. You do not want to bore your staff, but you also want to make sure that what you expect from them is also being conveyed. Be sure to keep the action moving. Use graphics to get your points across. Keep them simple because if they are too flashy they can distract the viewer. Don’t just have a medium shot of someone talking to the camera. That will make your audience tune out quickly. Switch up the scene every 7-10 seconds. Show your new employees what they should be doing by having the performers in your production act it out, or in other words, include B-roll.

Best Corporate Training Videos

Keeping peoples attention can be a very hard thing to do. Especially in 2017 when everyone has a message they want to check, and what better time to do that than during a boring training session? Well, one way to be different in your corporate training video production is to engage the audience by using some of the tactics described above. Have the speaker on camera act as if he is in the room with your employees. He or

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Best Training Video Examples

she should ask questions at various points in time and have your staff answer. Have some possible answers show up on the side of the screen. Allow the viewer to choose an answer through the remote control. Each answer will have a different explanation for why it was right or wrong. Find ways to make it fun while also getting your message across. This will help ensure that they are paying attention to your corporate video  and not to their cell phones.


The corporate video production company you hire is not only training your new employees, but helping you grow your business as well. For instance, there should be a part of the video that talks about your company and its core concepts. You can take that piece of video and use it to show possible clients what it is that your company stands for.Be sure to include your logo at the beginning and end of the video. An effective logo will go a long way in having people remember your brand. You want your ideas to stay with people for long after they work for you. Your corporate training video production can be used in a number of different ways for your benefit.

When deciding on how best to train your employees, the pros of a corporate training video production far outweigh the cons. Always remember that sometimes it is better to hit record instead of print.