Corporate Video 101: Effectively Telling Your Story

Understanding Corporate Video 

Corporate video refers to any sort of audio-visual media produced by an organization for internal or external use. Specifically, it’s a tool of online marketing that has become invaluable over the last few years. Corporate video describes the media you already see every day. From traditional marketing to client testimonials to trade show or product videos, corporate video encompasses a wide variety of presentation styles. We at SVG compiled a list (check out a brief excerpt below) of the most popular types of corporate video styles, and SVG offers the full range presentation options so that you can most effectively tell your organization’s story.The Legal Marketing Shoot With Michael Delsignore!



Popular Types of Corporate Video

  • Product – Used to showcase your companies’ valued goods that you want to tell the world about.
  • Presentation – These sorts of videos accompany a presentation, and can give a sense of dynamic energy to speech.
  • Marketing Video – Use a more traditional marketing video to demonstrate how your business’s services can create new possibilities for clients.
  • Training Video – What do you want new employees to encounter when they first engage with your corporate culture? A flat training manual, or a robust demonstration of the personalities and culture that comprise your business?
  • Live Events – Preserve a once in a lifetime occasion, and broadcast it internally or externally.


What’s the Purpose of Online Video Marketing?

The point of corporate video can be to establish and communicate a fuller sense of a business’s mission through a form of media that we encounter every day. Think about what the following message literally says:

We strive to provide the highest quality service, with a smile on our faces.”

Yes, the slogan completely trite, and hopefully your organization’s ad team has created something a bit more original than that. But, what creates the most effective vision of this slogan? Would you prefer to see words on a screen or an actual demonstration of the smile delivered to every client? Video can convey your business’s unique personality by showing clients the faces of those whom they will eventually do business with. Not only that video can help make your online presence more dynamic, because the research on corporate web video speaks for itself.

The team at SKillman Video GroupThere’s a good chance you’ll remember some of these faces on the left, but less of a chance that you’ll recall the specific word “smile.” The human brain retains more information from images than text.


The Facts on Online Video Production

Invodo, a visual commerce research organization, released a report at the end of last year regarding the way consumers interact with online video. In Video Statistics The Marketer’s Summary 2014, the people at Invodo reveal just how crucial corporate video is to market penetration, customer retention, branding, and reputation. The report is filled with fascinating statistics, but here are some that every organization should be aware of.


1) Consumers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than consumers who do not.

Literally, this statistic speaks for itself. You could show two versions of the same product to two different groups of people, but show one group a still photograph while the other sees an engaging video. Doesn’t it just make rational sense to market through the media that will increase the likelihood of a sale?Online Shoppinh




2) 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Invodo cites this statistic to Cisco, and I think Cisco knows a little bit about digital networking.

This statistic is particularly interesting not because of what it says in itself, but what it says about businesses that refuse to adapt to a new digital climate. Imagine it’s 2017, and your business is still relying on a text, still image-based approach. Or, even worse, your business features hastily made informational videos that don’t accurately reflect the dedication you have for your employees and clients. Compared to your competitors, your organization will simply look stuck back in 2010.

Web Marketing



3) Between 2012 and 2013, video viewing on Facebook increased 93% on tablets and 47% on PCs and smartphones, AND 57% of smartphone owners watch product video in stores.

Clearly, the dramatic surge of 93% is partially fueled by the increased prevalence of tablets in the larger scope of consumer culture. But, this doesn’t change the point. The rate at which Internet users are consuming video media is growing at a massive rate, which is great for businesses that effectively use video as a marketing tool.

Smartphone Consumer



4) YouTube currently has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Just to put this in perspective, that is an audience of roughly ten combined Super Bowls. Tapping into this market isn’t just economically rational, it’s a completely wasted opportunity to not appeal to pre-existing users on a well-established service.

Youtube MarketingOn the Internet, content is king. No matter what your product or service is, you need to present it in innovative, creative, and dynamic ways. Fortunately, the fastest growing type of media on the Internet inherently suggests innovation and creativity. Your job is to keep your business on the cutting edge by using the tools that you have available to you.  Our job is to help you effectively communicate your vision.


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