Expertise Videos

Expert videos highlight a specific service or product in such a way as to make the seller or service provider seem an expert in their field. By centering on one topic over multiple videos, expert videos help brand a business or organization by showing their expertise and thereby giving them credibility in that field. Expert videos serve the dual purpose of an educational video and a promotional video all in one.  For this reason they can also be easily used on a business’s website to explain a service or product, in addition to the marketing video (perhaps in more detail).  These videos would be giving a company’s main site and their social media sites, engaging and interactive content to compliment their marketing/sales process.
An additional benefit to Expert videos is that they can be used on more than one site: social media sites, a company’s main website or as advertising on other sites (to increase their presence in the Marketplace). Going further, Expert videos also can work as “searchmercials” to support certain key words and can help brand a company or target a niche market. Expert videos focus on one idea, and expound on specifics regarding that topic. An expert video is founded on keywords that prospective clients may be searching for and thereby increasing a business’s chances of being exposed to a much larger potential client base.
Skillman Video Group has worked with many clients in creating expertise videos that will ensure awareness of their knowledge and skills to potential customers.  If your business would like to boost their online visibility with expertise videos, don’t hesitate to call Skillman Video Group today.  SVG is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.