Green Screen Shoots

A green screen can add a great deal of versatility to any production. By utilizing carefully lighting and precise editing, a green screen shoot can be used to express whatever message you are trying to relay to your target audience. Through the expertise of Skillman Video Group, green screen shoots are a breeze.


The core concept behind a green screen shoot is the concept of an editing tool known as chroma key. This tool isolates one color (in this case green) and separates that color from the other colors on screen. It takes this color and turns it into what is called an Alpha Channel. This channel can be used in a number of different ways, from replacing backgrounds to completely changing the appearance of the subject. With careful editing and masterfully directed work, green screen shoots can quickly become an asset to any production.

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In the clip provided, we see a few different examples of how a green screen is utilized. These examples are just the beginning of what’s possible with a green screen production. With Skillman Video Group, the possibilities are endless.