Hiring a Professional Videographer

This page was created in response to the questions that many of our potential clients looking for video production services ask us.  There are some important guidelines to follow when selecting a professional videographer for your next corporate video project.  We will be discussing several topics, focusing on various aspects of videography.


Professional Videography: Why Is It So Important?

In the interest of professional videographer, many people in the attempt to save on production cost have gone to do it themselves . Though this could potentially aid in saving money, it could bring a lot of stress. Instead of worrying about questions like: “How do I do an interview style video?” or “Why is my audio muffled?” you can just hire a professional that will get the job you desire done.

Professional Videographers are usually experienced and have creative ways to accomplish things that can make your video content one of the best out there. You tell them what you want and the professionals will budget, script, assemble the crew, shoot, edit, and market your video content.

Professionals will produce a product that is high-quality, dazzling, and a video that aligns with your business goals. Creating a corporate video takes a team that works together like a well-oiled machine that will bring you the best content for your business. An experienced videographer can help you focus on the most practical ideas based on the most effective method to remain aligned with your marketing strategy. Their years in the field have made them keen to adapting to the needs of others, and knowing what will work best in each industry.

Let’s be honest, quality does matter to your audience.  So if your goal is to produce a corporate marketing video, how you present your company and brand to the world is very important. The Boston video producers at Skillman Video Group, LLC have years of experience in professional videography and can walk you through the process every step of the way.

For starters, you may have questions for the video producer about the costs and details of the project. Be sure to write these questions down to discuss either by phone or in person. Our job at SVG is to walk you through the entire process, from concept to content.

Asking the right questions could make the difference for your production.  That’s why we’re here to answer any that you may have, from content development to the actual production of your video to online marketing. You should also think through what you envision for the video and do your best to explain that to the producer. Your input and ideas are just as important for the ultimate success of the project as our own.  Our collaboration on the direction that the production will take is key.

Which Form of Video Content Is Right for You?

Video content has become key in the marketing campaigns of savvy businesses. Yes, it puts a human, conversational face on your business (increasingly important in this day and age), but it can also improve SEO, brand awareness, and so much more.

So, let’s say you’ve decided that you want to bring video content into your marketing plans.  You may be asking yourself, “What kind or form of video content should we be producing?”  While there are many types of video, there is only one that will truly be right or appropriate for your specific goals.  Here are just a few examples of different kinds of video:

Before any other aspect of the production is set into motion, you must consider the format that will best suit your needs.  Are you trying to demonstrate your product in a creative, interesting way?  Try a conceptual video.  Looking to open up the candidate pool for your business?  Go with a recruitment video.  If the video format itself doesn’t quite sync up to what you hope to accomplish, then chances are that you won’t be getting the most out of your video content.

In Professional Videography, Experience Matters

How a professional video producer interacts with you and your staff during the initial meeting is telling of how the rest of the professional relationship would play out.  The producers at SVG are experienced at working in fully collaborative environments with our clients, environments built upon trust, professionalism and creativity.  Above all else, we believe that the way we interact with our clients and handle our business relationships is of the utmost importance.  This way, it helps us to highlight you in the best possible light. It is our job to take your vision and make it a reality.  The end result is a professional video production that showcases your business, brand, or service in a way that attracts new customers and converts the casual visitor to your site into a viable business prospect.

Expertise Is Everything
Let’s say your business had a pressing need for an expert.  Would you hire someone who is a part-time expert? Take for example if you needed legal services, whether it was for litigation or intellectual property.  You would use an experienced lawyer, one who specializes in the branch of law that you need help with.  You wouldn’t you hire a lawyer that only works at it part-time with very little experience, would you? Or a doctor that only works part-time and dabbles in medicine occasionally?  Granted, these are extreme examples, but it is important to note that if you want a professional videographer, you will need to hire someone who has made it their profession and, frankly, is good enough to make a living at it.  Our producers have won awards for their work and have a long list of references from happy clients.  Skillman Video Group, LLC was recently named the 2014 Best Business of Boston in the category of Video/Film Production by the Best Businesses of Boston Award Program.

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