Lecture Video


The nonprofit organization, Hebrew At The Center, hired Skillman Video Group to produce a 30-minute lecture video in Hebrew for their website. This video was the first of an ongoing lecture series that will be produced over the next year. Like many of our educational clients they wanted videos to supplement their fundraising efforts and inform parents and educators about their unique mission while providing educational content. The video is entirely in Hebrew which allowed HATC to target a narrow, but interested audience.

We had the opportunity to use a Cannon 7D camera which gave the video a more “cinematic” or “documentary” style and look. SVG combined footage from two cameras and power point slides into a single video which was edited and compressed for delivery on their website. The two camera approach and cinematic look are a great way to get the most value out of a video shoot. The high production value of this video provides a clean, professional face for the organization.

Their growing video library, produced in collaboration with Skillman Video Group, will not only give Hebrew At The Center a valuable fundraising tool, but a valuable education tool for students all over the country! By harnessing the power of video on the web, the staff of Hebrew at the Center will be able to reach many more students and school systems then would ever be possible with sending actual “boots on the ground.” Thanks to the internet – the possibilities for growth are endless!

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