Legal Marketing Video for Parker/Scheer LLP

The Importance of High Quality Legal Marketing Video

It’s rare that you can hire a lawyer from just an ad in the yellow pages (ask yourself when was they last time you used the yellowpages?) Or even make the decision to hire a lawyer from just a phone call. Very often if you have a legal issue, then you want to hire someone you can trust. You want to meet that legal professional in person. Many lawyers have the same issue, they all want to help their clients and they all want to be there when they get the call for the big case. Professional Video for legal marketers should be a key ingredient in a legal marketing plan. Nothing conveys an emotional bond or creates rapport like a face to face meeting can, but in this age of technology you need every advantage. Use your legal marketing video to build trust and create a connection with your prospective clients.

Skillman Video Group Produces Hig Quality Legal Marketing Videos

The Boston Personal Injury law firm of Parker/Scheer hired Skillman Video Group to produce a series of Legal marketing videos for their web site. Multiple videos were shot in one day and were not only embedded on their web site, but also used to help in their overall Internet Marketing campaign (SEO & social media). Videos were shot in SD using a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. The law firm create two general legal marketing videos but shot lots of footage and plans to incorporate many legal marketing videos in upcoming campaigns and landing pages.

Depending on what type of legal services you provide, a key ingredient is defining your expertise and building trust. A legal marketing video for a criminal lawyer should build trust but should also give the perception that you are an attorney that can handle the tough situation. If you provide a specific legal function – bankruptcy, immigration, you need to discuss that legal expertise so that your clients understand you can speak their language. It’s important to remember that a legal marketing video should deliver something to a client emotion and information – build trust and instill confidence. Make your video is on the page and they have a clear way to contact you. If you have not taken advantage of the power of legal marketing video then call Skillman Video Group today.