Legal Promotional Videos Hamilton Brook Smith and Reynolds

Using video as a legal marketing tool allows you to be creative in a ways that aren’t possible in other mediums. Allow yourself to stand out from your competitors by bringing a little levity to your legal marketing strategy. Legal Promotional Videos don’t always have to be so corporate; use your video to make them laugh.

Hamilton Brook Smith and Reynolds hired SVG to produce a comedic series of “mockumentaries” in keeping with today’s reality-tv style, for a presentation to the Association for In-House Corporate Counsel. The producers at SVG collaborated in editing/writing the script, shooting, directing talent and editing the final videos (5 in all). This project was a two-time winner at the 2009 LMA Awards.

When doing a comedic legal promotional video, it is important to maintain your message throughout the video. While using humor and creative storytelling to accent your services; don’t allow them overshadow your true purpose (which is to sell a service or product). These videos are very effective when their message remains clear. They allow the viewer to feel a personal connection while gleaning important information about your company.

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