Legal Video Marketing

When advertising legal services, the most important consideration is projecting an image of competence and trustworthiness. You need to differentiate yourself from many other attorneys offering similar services. A legal marketing video placed on your firm’s website will allow viewers to feel an emotional connection in a way that traditional print ads cannot. When potential customers can actually see your face and hear your voice, they will feel like you are already an old friend, before they even pick up the phone!

Marketing your firm’s services with online video will allow you to stand out from your competitors, and to gain customers who might not have found you otherwise. Your video can take a variety of forms; a corporate video with a serious tone is only one of many options. Another method is to use humor to capture the attention of your audience. In 2009, Skillman Video Group worked with Hamilton Brook Smith and Reynolds to produce a series of mockumentaries in a style similar to NBC’s The Office. The producers at SVG worked on scriptwriting, shooting, and editing the five videos in the series. This project was a two-time winner at the 2009 Legal Marketing Association Awards. Check out our portfolio to see the videos!

Skillman Video Group can assist you with creating a marketing video for your law firm, whether your intended tone is serious or humorous. We will help you in each stage of the process, and continually solicit your feedback to make sure our work meets all of your expectations. Contact us now to get started!