Live Event Video Production

Skillman Video Group provides top notch live event video production service to suit a variety of needs. Based on the skill and experiential knowledge that comes from having worked in a wide range of settings, we can fit our production expertise to the demands of the moment. From multi-camera shooting to on-site editing, SVG can do it all and make it look good.

Live event coverage can be a tricky thing, particularly because any planned occasion might end up deviating from course. In order to successfully work in an environment that might shift from moment to moment, you need a production team and crew that is equally adaptable. The most interesting moments that occur during live events happen very quickly (and often spontaneously). The last thing that a coordinator wants is to worry whether that moment was captured or missed entirely. At SVG, we recognize this fact, and do everything in our power to provide the perfect coverage for any event.

Our previous work in this vein gives us an important edge when planning for and setting up a shoot. From country music concerts to a speech given by the President of Rwanda at the University of Hartford, SVG has developed the skill set to shoot in any environment or circumstance. Furthermore, we realize that every situation requires a different tact – and we are experts at working with our clients to create the best possible product. If you need a production company that can plan, film, and edit on the spot, look no further. Skillman Video Group takes the stress out of live event production, and delivers a product that is second to none.