Live Event Videography

Skillman Video Group has both experience and knowledge in live event videography and Boston video production. Since launching in 2007 as a video production and video marketing company, Skillman Video Group has filmed a number of live events for individuals, politicians, organizations, schools and corporations with the best live videographers. The companies and organizations have varied, from Springboard Enterprises, a female entrepreneurship organization, to Boston University School of Law. Just as our client base differs, so do the reasons and uses of live event videography.


Any event has geographical and physical restrictions no matter where it is. With live videography events and content live on the web makes it accessible to a worldwide audience. This means attendance to your content can surpass any capacity limitations a physical event would have.


Live event videography can not only  function as a way to document events and memories but also as a marketing or educational tool. Some companies choose to record an event to be used in an Internet marketing video. For example, Yamaha Music School of Boston has repeatedly worked with us to film their music recitals, which we then edited into a marketing video for Yamaha Music School of Boston’s web site and YouTube media marketing

A live event can also be used to promote events at your company or organization. For example, Springboard Enterprises recently had an event that SVG filmed. Springboard held an anniversary dinner at which Besty Myers, former COO of President Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, spoke. The footage of a prominent speaker can be used by Springboard to promote their organization, build their reputation and recruit members.

Internal Affairs.

Corporate events with strictly internal purposes (employee award banquets, budget proposals, etc.) can be used to great effect when filmed for the entire company to see. Although the intended audience is employee-specific, live event videography for these kinds of events can have the positive effects of boosting employee morale and overall pride that workers feel for their company.

Employees that see coworkers being recognized for their hard work can spark motivation to put in extra effort with the hopes of soon being awarded and praised. However, internal events can also be very important in the aftermath of a failure or tragedy.Live Event Videography for Banquet

For example: Say a mining company site falls to ruins when one of the massive earth mover machines breaks down, critically injuring many employees, destroying company building infrastructure, and setting time tables back by months. In the wake of the tragedy, a high-ranking officer (or perhaps even the CEO) could record a live speech in which they address the tragedy and then discuss action steps for moving forward. In this case, live event videography assures employees that the company will be able to stay afloat and that those in charge have an ultimate goal and plan in mind for the short-term and long-term future.


Live event videography can also serve a more practical purpose, such as informing people who were unable to attend the event. SVG produced video for Springboard partially because members of the organization were not present; these members are now able to stay up to date with their group via online video. We also filmed a lecture series at Boston University School of Law; the footage was placed on the BU Law website for people to re-visit the event.

In the case of a product-based company, live event videography can prove essential when unveiling a new product line or concept. A great example of videography utility is Apple and their use of keynote presentations. They have annual recordings of their major presentation events to explain new products, new features, and new goals of the company. Thanks to the recordings, the average consumer is able to easily access the information at the click of a button.

Live Event Videography

Live Event Videography

The informative aspect can also apply to employees, because a single video explaining how to use a new manufacturing machine or heed a new policy can save a lot of time and effort. A high-ranking company officer can explain why changes are being made to the corporate mandate and flesh out the new expectations that updated policies and rules will entail. These live event videos are much more effective than just a mass email to all employees with a lot of bullet points about new company polices and guidelines.

Live event videography is an accessible and easy to use tool for any business or organization. The addition of video to any website aids to create a more engaging and informative environment for potential clients, in addition to helping pre-existing clients stay around. Live event videography requires little planning on your part; as the Boston video Producers at Skillman Video Group will take care of any pre-production planning, shooting and editing.  Need help marketing the videos?  SVG’s internet marketing specialists can help with that too!

Skillman Video Group continuously collaborates with clients and always uses high end, High Definition video cameras, professional lighting and editing equipment in order to produce a stunning and professional video that suits your needs. Contact Skillman Video Group to begin the production of your live event video today!