Long-take lectures and Their Challenges

Late last month we met with one of our recurring clients to film a multi-cam long-take lecture narrated entirely in Hebrew for an online class. It was a simple three-point lighting setup and set in a beautiful home dubbed “the castle” in Cabot Estates.
Long takes of half and hour or more can be tedious. One major mistake and it’s back to the beginning. For this shoot, we intended to film with the 7D, but also used a High-Definition Sony camera for dual-camera footage in order to switch back and forth if the inevitable mistake occurs. 7Ds have been known to overheat and automatically shut off after about 20 minutes of continuous shooting.
Skillman Video Group’s direction and technical prowess insures that mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum in any given production. We used a dual-microphone setup consisting of lavalier and shotgun microphones.
Most importantly, the biggest strain of this type of shoot lies on the person in front of the camera. It is important to be fully aware of the talent’s needs, such as food, beverage intake, and overall satisfaction. SVG makes sure that the talent is very comfortable in their given position, and that they simply have to worry about memorizing those lines!

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