Marketing and Product Videos for the Smart Track Toolkit

Clients whose business sells a product have the ability to obtain a product video in addition to a marketing video. This was the case for the makers of the Smart Track Toolkit, an online program that makes the college planning process easier. The marketing video gives an introduction to what the company offers and why customers should invest in their product. The product videos demonstrate how the program works.

Over two days, a total of six videos were made. For the marketing video, SVG shot in studio with the client explaining the products effectiveness, referring to the script on the teleprompter. This provided background information required to understand the full potential of the Smart Track Toolkit. It also gives a personal touch to the face of the company. Customers can get a sense of what the company’s goals are and how they follow through on their mission statement. The power of video on the web is growing stronger by the day, and thusly will bring business to your website just by it’s sheer presence. The makers of the Smart Track Toolkit realized this and hired Skillman Video Group for our experience and high production values.

The product videos are essentially how-to or demo videos, which take the viewer through the steps of using the online program most effectively. All of the parts of the website are shown from beginning to end via full screen web shots and voice over, to guide families through each step of the college process and assist them in finding the college that’s right for them, both academically and financially. Ultimately, product videos take out the confusion and save time for customers who want to start using the product right away without hesitation. If you have a product that needs a demo video, contact Skillman Video Group today!

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