PR Video Production

House CallThese days, PR videos should be a staple of every savvy business’s marketing strategy. They bring an undeniable visual storytelling element to the table that simply cannot be found through any other medium.

For those who are unfamiliar, let’s start at the beginning: what is public relations? Essentially, it’s the practice of controlling the flow of information from one source to another. In other words, your PR team focuses on what the general public and/or other businesses hear about you. PR ensures that your brand is maintained and that you are getting the best possible coverage. The goal is to keep things esteemed and afloat.

PR videos are a great tool for sharing information about your business. When used via an online platform, video has a higher share and click-through rate. Frankly, people would rather watch a short video than read a press release. Plus, they allow you precise control over the content and what you are sending out to your desired audience.

Some videos that fall under the umbrella of PR videos include testimonials, interviews, surprise events, and more. Here’s a brief overview.


Testimonials are videos that generally contain multiple interviews with various people discussing the positive qualities of a business. It can focus on just one story, using a single person and some B-roll. It can also cover a number of people being interviewed about their satisfied experiences with a business’s services.


If you and your company are planning a special event, giveaway or anything along those lines, you can use a video to help showcase that story. Just see our example from our work with Aspen Dental down below.


Basically, it comes down to any type of video that is spun to show a company in a pre-determined light meant to strengthen the overall brand.



Video Choice:

When you decide that you want to make a PR Video, the next step is knowing what kind of message you want to get across to your intended audience. Knowing that message means knowing exactly what type of video you want to make. That could be one of the videos mentioned above or may be an entirely different idea.  Whatever it is, keeping to your message will help determine the rest of your production choices.

Location Choice:

Where do you want to shoot your video?  If you have a certain set design in mind, a studio might be your best choice. But if you want an edge of authenticity, shooting on location (particularly for “surprise videos”) may be your best bet.  This factor does, however, depend on budget and time constraints.

Lighting Choice:

The lighting can differ dramatically from shoot to shoot, but with a PR video, you are typically going for softer looks. Using an LED is a great, lightweight option. It really all depends on the videographer and what equipment he or she has, though. Without a doubt, if the shoot includes interviews, soft boxes will be used to provide the best lighting for the interviewees.

Resolution Choice:

It’s best to request to shoot in 4K. That means 4000 resolution. You may be saying that a lot of monitors don’t support that. The 4K, however, brings other perks to the table. When shooting in 4K, you go in knowing that it’s one of the best options out there. If there is a slight chance that the video can be seen in that resolution, you will be way ahead of other businesses that use a more standard video format. Another perk is that 4K allows for punching in and out. This is a way of cheating the idea of shooting to edit. You can shoot in a wide shot the whole time, and then in post-production, you can zoom in and use a tighter shot without losing any resolution.



Recently, Aspen Dental reached out to Skillman Video Group and asked us to shoot a surprise video for their PR needs. They were planning to surprise a local veteran with free dental care. They also had no time to waste, explaining that the reveal was set for the next day. We were quickly able to grab one of our videographers to go out and capture the moment, as well as gather short interviews of the involved parties. Since the video was meant for broadcast, it also had to be edited very quickly. The turnaround was rapid, but at the end of the day, the heart of the video is what matters. It was a planned PR Video, a video created with the purpose of supporting and showcasing the caring nature of Aspen Dental as a company. The video was meant to strengthen Aspen Dental’s brand, and it certainly did – advocating a trustworthy company with a huge heart.


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