Product Videos

When considering Social Video Marketing, a good option for your business could be a product video. This type of video marketing highlights the design, capabilities, and advantages of your product and is a great way to engage prospective customers in your merchandise. Skillman Video Group has experience creating Product Videos for our clients, and works to promote your product in the best and most effective way.

Product videos can promote business and customer interest across a range of marketing platforms. Added to a social media site like Facebook or Twitter, it can offer a different outlet for your customers to understand what you are selling. For those customers that find your business through search engines like Google, having a product video on the homepage of your website is an open and easy way for the customer to become familiar with what your company specializes in and can peak interest to explore your site further. Product videos can also be utilized outside of internet marketing; mailed DVD copies of your video to potential clients is another great option your business can take advantage of to reach your customers more directly.

Making the most of your product video can be difficult, so here are some tips from us at the Skillman Video Group to make the most of your video.

1. Script it out: While speaking off the cuff can be a great technique for client testimonials or other forms of Social Video Marketing, it is very important that a Product video is scripted. You need to deliver a lot of information about your product in a short time, and even if you’re an expert on what you’re selling, getting in front of the camera can make you draw a blank. You want your prospective customers to learn everything they need to about your product, and make the most of their time watching your video. A simple script will make you sound more eloquent, knowledgeable, and can make all the difference in a product video.

2. Selling your product: Figure out the best way to showcase your product. Is it a software? You might want to consider using screenshots or stills so the client can see the layout of the software on a computer. Is it a tangible item you can hold or place on a table? Make sure you have a working version on the day of the shoot, one that’s clean and new so the customer gets a good idea of what it looks like and how it works.

3. Marketing to the Customer: Remember to highlight the best qualities of your product. Why is your customer going to buy what you’re selling? How is it going to make their lives easier? Sometimes, if you’ve worked extensively on a product you can focus on what you have done to bring it to fruition and lose sight of how beneficial it will be to other people. Be sure to make the customer’s needs are the priority in the product video.

The prospect of making a product video can seem overwhelming, but by following these simple rules and using the services provided by the Skillman Video Group, it can greatly increase a potential customer’s understanding and interest in your product.