Promotional Video

A promotional video is intended to promote a business, a product, a service, or an event. Businesses also create promotional videos in order to let customers know about a new product or a special sale. Using video to promote yourself is much more effective than something like print because customers can actually hear your voice, see the product in action, and connect in an entirely different way. These videos, if well-thought-out and professionally produced, will excite customers and lead them to take action. Skillman Video Group specializes in producing promotional videos for a wide variety of businesses. Read on to learn more about promotional videos!

Why Video?

Of all the marketing tools available to us in 2015, why choose video? The answer to that question is fairly simple: it’s the best of the best when it comes to promoting a business or company.

Content is the future of marketing, and video lies at the heart of it. Video is the perfect medium for marketing for a large number of reasons. For one thing, it can be the most purely creative means of marketing your business, brand or company. Combining elements of visuals, sound, and language, video has the ability to captivate and engage with people in a way that’s just not possible via other means. Just think, of all the memorable marketing efforts you can recall, how many of them were video? Creative storytelling is the best way to accent your services and/or product, but never get too wrapped up in the process and let it overshadow the true purpose of your efforts: to sell a service or product.

The creative fluidity of video also allows for a certain malleability, making room for any number of opportunities. Simply put: you can make video work for nearly any of your marketing needs. Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness or recruit employees or connect with existing clients, video is here to pave the way.


Video: The Many-Faced Marketing Tool

As said above, you can apply video to nearly any of your marketing needs, and this includes various styles and types of marketing.

For starters, video works wonders for your SEO marketing efforts. Google is always willing to reward great content, plain and simple, particularly if you upload your video content to YouTube. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it makes finding your video content that much easier. You can further this by optimizing your video as much as possible. Transcribe the video, a function that can be found on YouTube. This allows Google to read the actual dialogue and content of the video. Be strategic and keyword-friendly with your title, description, and tagging. Anything to make it easier for Google to find. You can also make loads of valuable content around your video content, from blog posts to landing pages, in order to keep boosting that SEO.



Video can also greatly benefit your email marketing campaign and take it to the next level. The use of email marketing has become so widespread in both B2B and B2C campaigns that you’ll need something to stand out from the pack. Video is here to help. Think of all the possibilities when you combine the power of video with the widespread reach of email marketing campaigns. You can improve business, boost sales, and so much more. Here are some pointers:

  • Place your video towards the top of the email to immediately pull people in
  • Link your video to a relevant and well-constructed landing page
  • Have a great call-to-action. Guide your viewer. Offer them next steps.

The opportunities made available by including video in your email marketing campaign are surefire and can only be advantageous.

As I started to get into above, its already become quite evident that content marketing is the future, and video is at the center of it. Social media, then, has become the ultimate means of distributing, sharing, and engaging with video. Think of how much time people spend on social media day-to-day. A lot, right? Through social media you can develop leads, build your audience, interact with current clients/customers in a friendly manner, and so on. video will only boost these efforts. People love video content, especially if they can share it with others.



From Interviews to Event Videos: The Different Types of Promotional Video


Promotional video is literally defined as the promotion of a business, brand or company through video. This leaves the playing field open for all of your business goals and whatever style of video content that will help you accomplish them. Here are just a few of the types of video available to promote your business:

In the right hands, video can work for any and all of your marketing needs and leave you with measurable results.


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