Recruiting Videos for a Law Firm

Wolf Greenfield, a prestigious intellectual property law firm in Boston, is one of Skillman Video Group’s earliest legal clients. Wolf Greenfield wanted to use video marketing as a recruitment tool, but needed quality, professional video that matched their reputation. They called SVG to develop professional video content to broaden their job candidate base. The first round of recruiting videos we produced were so successful that Wolf Greenfield brought us back to produce 22 more!

Over the course of two days, Wolf Greenfield’s associates, shareholders, and technical specialists prepared short one-minute pitches to attract prospective job candidates. Every interviewee had practiced their pitch with Wolf Greenfield’s marketing team, but the SVG video crew still helped a few nervous associates through their lines. With Skillman Video Group’s direction, every member of Wolf Greenfield became an adept recruiter.

We will continue working with Wolf Greenfield and other law firms on more marketing and recruitment videos as we expand our legal marketing portfolio.

If you need a professional recruiting video, contact SVG. With our legal marketing and social video experience we can help you attract the best candidates to your firm.