Set Construction and Design

For most social video marketing, a location such as a work site or your place of business can be used for the set. In certain circumstances, however, where special attributes are needed, set construction can be a necessity.  Skillman Video Group can design, construct, and bring your concept to life.

While it may not seem economical, set construction can actually save your business time and money. If there is a very specific need you have for on-location shooting, your company may need to hire a location scout to find a place to shoot, pay whoever owns the property to use their space, plus if anything is changed at the location, either in design or accidental damage, you will need to pay to remove and repair any alteration to the site and leave it looking the way you found it.

Using a set also allows you to get exactly what you want from the shoot. Skillman Video Group will work with you through the concept and design stages to ensure that the set is maximized for your concept to benefit your idea. A built set also allows for certain camera tricks to be used,  in order to get innovative,  higher quality shots.

An example of when you may need a set constructed is for home improvement how to videos. Recently, Skillman Video Group worked with Brewster Home Fashions to make a how-to video on wallpaper installation. Since wallpaper is a fairly permanent home installation, building a set was a good choice for their shoot. This allowed them to avoid the high costs of finding a home that would let them put up and take down wallpaper, and also place any extras (door frames, wall sockets, etc.) exactly where they wanted. Having a built set also let SVG shoot in ways that would be impossible in a regular home, such as from up above, providing for a more accurate and interesting video.

Skillman Video Group will work with you from day one to ensure the set construction is the fastest, easiest, and most economical choice for your company. We will help you design the space, and our team of knowledgeable builders will construct a set for you. Skillman Video Group has the skill and expertise to bring your ideas to fruition, and with set construction we can ensure that you save time and money on your viral marketing video.