Social Video Production

At Skillman Video Group, we believe that video content is one of the most engaging and interactive mediums available on the market today for both a) marketing to and attracting a new client base and b) informing and keeping up-to-date existing clients on the latest products and services being offered.  When deciding what video content to produce for your website, it is important to keep your goals in mind and consider the different applications of video accordingly.  Although they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, videos designed primarily for enriching site content may not have equivalent success on social media outlets.

Skillman Video Group wanted to create a social video that was ambitious, cinematic, and entertaining while promoting our social media and marketing services. Typically SVG produces marketing videos in a non-fiction, documentary style with interviews, talking heads, b-roll, graphics — all the marks of the usual marketing video. Our “Old Time Marketing” social video utilizes actors, set design, location shooting, wardrobe, HD cinematography, and multiple camera angles to tell an entertaining story. We wanted to push the limit of our video marketing services and offer our clients something new, fun, and effective.

This kind of Videomercial is perfect for companies and organizations that want to utilize a more entertaining approach in their marketing. It uses visuals and story to create impressions, essential to attracting clients and customers. A short social video in this style will capture a the social media demographic on the web. People interested in social media tend to be young, bright, and casual. They like to be entertained. A well produced social video with nice visuals, detailed design, and humor stands out in contrast to other companies more standard, visually uninteresting video. A video with style and humor will grab a young demographic and drive them to your website.

Viewers will visit your website for more in-depth content and marketing videos geared at turning those visitors into clients. Your social media campaign (blog, twitter, email, facebook, youtube, etc.) spreads the video to both potential and current clients. They will share it with others. See how all the pieces fit together? That’s why SVG offers those complete, interlocking marketing services along with Videomercials.

If you want to drive traffic to your website and other marketing videos consider making a social Videomercial. We’d love to collaborate with clients to develop content by carefully considering your brand, message, and resources. You might already have a really great idea for a social video, and just need a production company to execute it.

If you want to use a visually compelling, entertaining social video as part of your marketing campaign, give SVG a call.

You can read about the production, set design, cinematography, and editing on our blog.