SVG Films Pro-Wrestling Contestant for Major Distributor

SVG was hired to produce a video for a famous Pro Wrestling broadcaster. The shoot starred an 18-year-old contestant of TWA Wrestling and aired on Spike TV this year in late September. The shoot was a mostly handheld demonstration of this young wrestler who began his career at the very early age of 13, and it included interviews with his parents, trainers, and then brief but sensational wrestling demonstration.

SVG chose a handheld camera setup on a stabilizing shoulder rig for this shoot to provide a certain action look that matches the pumped-up atmosphere of the wrestling center. Like many of our shoots, we used a combination of lavalier and shotgun microphones, but also a zoom microphone for ambient sound.

 Click Here for the promo video!

The promotional video for the young wrestler was then sent off to the producers for final editing and distribution this month. The shoot was flawless, and the imagery was excellent due to the great amount of natural lighting that we had access to from the large windows of the center.

The producers were very pleased with our work, which they was able to see during the shoot through an external Full-HD monitor attached to our camera for both focus pulling and for video previews to our clients. They also were impressed with the amount of coverage we gathered that they made multiple versions of the video. All in all, the shoot could not have gone more seamless. The director had a clear plan, and SVG had perfect execution.