Video for Home Improvement Contractors

Considering a video for your home improvement business?

An established video production company, Skillman Video Group, has worked with a variety of small businesses, many which are home improvement companies, such as Kitchen and Countertop Center of New England and ProWindows and Renovations. Home improvement companies use video for a number of reasons. For example, if you wish to market your company, highlight a service, introduce or explain a new product, video is an important tool in your marketing and advertising toolbox. A professionally produced video can rapidly tell your potential or current customers what you want them to know. Unlike plain text, video is an engaging and interactive medium that captivates casual web visitors and keeps them on your site longer.

In what ways can video help you if you are a home improvement business? One idea is a general marketing video, in which you can highlight your services and condense all pertinent information into one concise, carefully crafted message. The beauty of video is that it can capture the actual footage from a home improvement job showing potential clients the step-by-step process for renovations. SVG does on-location shooting, meaning we can film your company at work at any location (not just a studio or show room). SVG can bring the TV studio to you – anywhere in the world! Whether you want footage from installing a new window or renovating a new kitchen, producers at Skillman Video Group have the technology to capture professional High Definition image and audio!

Why should you as a business owner be interested in creating video content for your site? Because showing the viewers your process lends credibility to your company, which in turn makes them trust your business and, most importantly, more likely to hire you. Videos on your website can turn visitors into viable business prospects. At Skillman Video Group, this moment is termed the “video conversion point”—video turning people into customers.

Home improvement videos, however, do not only include marketing videos. Skillman Video Group has worked with companies to film instructional videos, “how to” videos and educational videos on unique service. From trouble-shooting simple problem areas to explaining complex product information, professional video can educate the viewers on proper uses and techniques.

Additionally, video helps you benefit from free social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The more exposure on the Internet for your business, the more visitors to your web site and the higher conversion rate for new business prospects. At Skillman Video Group we believe in combining the power of video, with the power of the Internet to gain our clients results!

Each video Skillman Video Group produces is made in conjunction with our client; we work from the beginning to ensure the product we create is the best possible. From brainstorming, scripting, coaching the talent, perfecting the scenery and editing it into one seamless piece, Skillman Video Group covers it all, using high-end High Definition cameras, lighting and editing technology. If you are considering a video for your home improvement company, please contact Skillman Video Group today to learn more.

Here is a sample of some of our video for a home improvement company, Kitchen and Countertop Center of New England: